Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Today’s Thoughts

You guys love some stickers! Sorry to say, the *free* 150 are gone. If you emailed me before suaroval11 a.m. MDT, yours is free. I will have more available soon for $2/piece (includes shipping). You can buy them through the blog once I figure out how to do that. I’ll let you know when I’ve got them and am all set up.

Addressing 150 envelopes takes a long time. But, I still like it better than water running. Plus, I have help. It takes a village to send out stickers. Ken is trying to act all, “Yeah, my wife makes me do this and I’m too cool for this sticker thing.” But he’s seriously all jacked up inside. Plus, you can only look so cool with a squirt of yogurt on your shirt.


Here’s what occurred to me today:

  • People like free stickers.
  • Just like the SNL skit, the cashiers at Target are really interested in what you’re buying. Most seem partial to children’s clothes and candle items. “Oh, well, isn’t that cute? Where did you find that? I’m going to have to pick me up one of those!”
  • I might only be able to water run for 40 minutes right now, but in 152 days I will run the Boston Marathon. On land. Not in a bathing suit. And, I will be pain free.
  • Most of us pay too much for insurance. I bundled (auto/home) and saved $1,200 a year just by making a phone call. Worth the time. I’ve never used “bundle” as a verb before.
  • I am a runner, but I am other things too.
  • The junk drawer is always a mess. It doesn’t matter what I do. Tape measures, staples, chargers, condoms. It all just accumulates into one big pile of crap.
  • We should never apologize for being ourselves and for doing what is true for us.
  • Children stare at you when you’re on crutches. Adults mostly look the other way.
  • Being injured gives you insight into yourself and others that you would not have otherwise had.
  • There is always that one asshole on the road who cuts in front of you and slows down. Why? Why?
  • Ménage à Trois wine is really good. You should try it sometime. I’m talking about the wine. I’m not that experimental.
  • It’s true that brussell sprouts give you gas. We had them last night. I’m still farting.
  • The dishwasher and trash are always full requiring me to do something
  • Most of us are way too hard on ourselves. We would never expect others to do the things we demand of ourselves.

What occurred to you today?

Licking envelopes,


PS: I’m OFF the crutches. Like completely. There is a God.


  1. It occurred to me that I deserve a day off. A do nothing [but work] day. loving it.

    Loud juke box blaring. Dog licking himself. Eating cereal from a box = happy day.

  2. Hooray for being off the crutches! Also I wouldn't rule out running Boston in your swimming suit... just might be the edge you need.

    It occurred to me today that I already let my 4th child get away with a lot more than his older 3 siblings did (typed as he eats some spilled cereal off the floor).

  3. it occurred to me that risking wetting my bed was worth the extra 5 minutes of cover warmth (i figured you'd appreciate that one!).

    i also realized (via you) that it's 152 days til boston. eep

  4. "We should never apologize for being ourselves and for doing what is true for us".....this is a lesson that keeps coming back to me in life...I'm hoping someday I'll really own it.

    It occurred to me that I drank way too much wine last night while leaving blog comments on people's posts and it may or may not have hurt my upcoming "blog reputation" but I'm trying to go with it and not go back and second guess myself by deleting my "wine fueled words". I knew you'd get 150 in no time!

  5. It occurred to me that having 1 sugar cookie, 2 pieces of biscotti, and 3 gingerbread lattes makes a darn good breakfast. Though I probably shouldn't make a habit out of it!
    BTW Menage is a good wine! Love the blush..and cheap too!
    Congrats on being crutch free!

  6. Occured to me today just how jacked up my legs were feeling going into this last marathon. The cocoon of soreness they're wrapped in now actually feels better than they felt most of the last month. I need to sort out my biomechanics before I dive into my next training cycle.

    I love the "On land. Not in a bathing suit. And, I will be pain free." part of that post. I can picture the Rocky theme kicking in as the "I will be pain free" is typed, cutting to a nice training montage. Gotta have a montage. Keep kicking ass in the pool. You're going to melt the pavement once you hit dry land.

  7. Farting feels good.

  8. Love that the family was recruited to help out!
    I have noticed targe employees commenting on what I buy too and it is weird. I like that you said you are a runner along with many other things...that is something I am realizing as I am injured too. We will be at Boston in 152 days.

  9. Love that wine, and brussels sprouts, regardless of the gas! Bummed I missed the stickers, but consider me a future customer.

    What occurred to me today? I'm flipping tired from my marathon, still!

  10. It occurred to me to keep my condoms and staples in separate drawers........

  11. I occurred to me today that I suck at dicing veggies ... 2 hours to make veggie lasagna? Lunch is at 2:00. Run is at 5.

  12. I like Menage a Trois wine. I don't like Brussels Sprouts.

  13. Condoms in the junk drawer? School project? Good place to hide them from the kids....mine run when I ask them to find something in there...but they eat brussel sprouts, aka little brainsss in our house

  14. Woohoo for being off your crutches! I would say go for running Boston in your bathing suit- less wind resistance that way? Haha. It occurred to me today that I'm saying "where did the time go" waaaaaay too much. Isn't that something you say when you get old? Maybe it's a sign. My birthday is just a few days away, after all.

  15. Love Menage a Trois wine. Delish and affordable :)

    I'm also thinking that sharp objects like scissors and stabel should probably be kept away from the condoms in the junk drawer. Completely lessens the effect of the scissors.

  16. Condoms and staples belong in separate drawers. I love brussels sprouts, but prefer asparagus for that funny pee smell.

  17. Ménage à Trois wine IS very good. It's lately become one of my favorites

  18. Today I went running with someone I just met - okay, she's a stranger if you think about it - and it occurred to me that I am very good at being a social butterfly and making people feel comfortable, and I really am interested in hearing their stories. I have the gift of gab, and I'm damn proud of it.

  19. WOOHOO for being off crutches! I'll drink some Menage a Trois to celebrate!

  20. It occured to me this past WEEK that I can NOT control everything and everyone. WTH?!

    It occured to me that my kids and hubby put up with a LOT when mommy is stressed/breakdown mode.

    It occured to me that I HAVE FREAKIN' AMAZING KIDS AND HUBBY that stick thru the breakdowns.

    It occured to me that Thanksgiving is in 1 week and I haven't gone to the grocery store for all the fixings! (and I am making it ALL by MYSELF this year for 10-15 people)

    It occured to me that the next Harry Potter movie is out this weekend (yes, I am a freak of a mom) and my hubby and I will be watching it in Tulsa Saturday evening WITHOUT kids.

    It occured to me that my 6th (and final for 2010) half marathon is this sunday in Tulsa and i am out of all my Gu's and Chews! AHH!!

    And now it occurs to me that I talk to much when I need to vent.
    ;-) sorry

  21. Everything about this post is awesome.

  22. "We should never apologize for being ourselves and for doing what is true for us."

    I needed to read this today, thank you.

  23. Off the crutches? Congrats!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  24. Yay for being off the crutches!! Woohoo!

    Loved this post about things that occurred to you...I agree with so many of them!

    One thing that occurred to me today is that although vacations are fun, the aftermath is a pain in the a**!

  25. Hysterical that there are condoms in your junk drawer. Your drawer is more exciting than mine ;)

    It occurred to me that things are never as bad as they may seem in the heat of the moment.

  26. So glad you are off the crutches! Keep up - Keeping up!

    I missed out of the sticker give away ;-( I have to be quicker!

  27. And I thought it was only my husband who spilt food on himself. Great news that you're off those crutches!

  28. Congrats on the crutches....those suck.

    What occured to me today is that no matter how bad a day I have had my wife may have had it worse so I need to be on my best behavior when she gets home and make it comfortable for her no matter what.

  29. I LOVE Menage A Trois (wine)! It is really good.

    It occured to me today that people (at work) think I am smarter then what I really am. In reality, I am a total dumb ass who can just BS my way out of a paper bag.

  30. staples and condoms should NOT be in the same drawer. I'm just saying.

  31. My most favorite thing you said was how you'll be running Boston! Your positive attitude and hard work will so pay off. I can't wait to hear how you do!!

  32. haha! I totally think you should run Boston in a bathing suit!! ;)

  33. yay for being crutch free! congrats!

    btw, we are all definitely too hard on ourselves. good lesson and good list. stay away from brussel sprouts before a date - got it.

  34. Ha ha on the wine! Yes, it's not bad and doesn't break the pocketbook!! Love your list!! Children stare because they are jealous. I wanted nothing more than braces, glasses, and a broken leg when I was a kid. Crutches would have been TOTALLY cool! Condoms-seriously. I thought maybe Sam was a little young for that....kidding obviously.

    I am SO happy you're off those crutches. Only November! You WILL run the Boston marathon and run it well! WOOHOO!!

  35. Yay for being off the crutches! It occurred to me today that hot cocoa with a friend makes everything better.