Tuesday, February 22, 2011


Today I turn 44 years old. You may be tired of hearing about my birthday. That’s life. I’ve got quite the day planned.

9:00 a.m. PT session

10: 00 a.m. Pedicure and eyebrow wax because of these. OMG that is sick:


11:15 a.m. Trip to Whole Food to buy my lemon dream cake and to have coffee with a friend

1:00 p.m. Free car wash (because it’s my birthday)

3:00 p.m. Take daughter to piano

5:00 p.m. Dinner with family and mom and dad. Mom’s making me a surprise birthday meal. Any guesses what it might be? She knows I love chicken/dumplings, homemade pizza and lamb with couscous. We’ll see what emerges out of her magical kitchen. Probably none of the usual favorites.

Notice there is no work on the agenda. Or anything not fun. Well, PT is debatable, but it’s getting me towards a goal, so that makes it okay.

This has been an amazing year, despite some setbacks. Here are 44 highlights (in no particular order):

  1. Went skydiving
  2. Pooped in a hallowed out tree
  3. Became a certified running coach
  4. Tried/loved/continued Bikram yoga
  5. Fell off the treadmill
  6. Had my period 12 times
  7. Became an Athleta-sponsored athlete
  8. Fractured my left hip
  9. Ran the Bolder Boulder in a grass skirt and sport’s bra
  10. Went to Vegas twice and lost money both times
  11. Taught a Webkinz class to third graders
  12. Ran a 10K with Sam
  13. Played Bunco once
  14. Had gum surgery
  15. Saw Taylor Swift in concert
  16. Had a bat jump in my lap (crotch) during my anniversary dinner
  17. Interviewed Jared from Subway
  18. Ran a 5K with Emma
  19. Qualified for Boston
  20. Became the parent of a teenager
  21. Did not buy any new underwear and should have
  22. Signed up for my first half Ironman (August 2011)
  23. Got Netflix On Demand
  24. Taught a yoga class to third graders
  25. Had one gyno exam with a cold speculum
  26. Was featured in the paper
  27. Did not throw up once except a little bit in my mouth on a run
  28. Had an allergic reaction while in Mexico that caused my face to swell up
  29. Had a panic attack in the MRI machine
  30. My dog lost an eye
  31. Did a triathlon
  32. Took my first RV trip and emptied sewage (mine and everyone else’s)
  33. Celebrated 15 years of marriage with the love my my life
  34. Went to a topless pool but did not go topless until my top fell off by mistake
  35. Started water running. Did not love it.
  36. Learned how to spell asterisk (thought it was asterix)
  37. Watched all seasons of Weeds
  38. Had one mammogram
  39. Played six games of Left, Right, Center and lost them all
  40. Got interviewed for a Runner’s World article
  41. Didn’t get a tattoo, but thought about it
  42. Did not switch to Geico
  43. Ran with Dean (did you know that?)
  44. Had 297 blog posts on SUAR

What do you think my surprise meal is? Whoever guesses it gets a sticker and a virtual pat on the back.

Happy day to me,



  1. Happy Birthday! I hope it's lemon dreamy. I'm going with the chicken/dumplings.

  2. Didn't switch to Geico? Ok, neither did I. I haven't fallen off the treadmill either, yet. Nor have I ever reached newspaper status. What a ride you had this year!

  3. Happy Birthday!!! I turned 43 yesterday! It looks like 43 was a pretty good and interesting year for you, so I've got high hopes for my own.

    I LOVE chicken and dumplings but my mom hasn't made that for me since I left home, so that has GOT to be remedied!

    I think you're going to get lasagna tonight.

  4. Typo, "Had an allergic reaction while in Mexico that caused my faced swelled up" Your FACED swelled up huh? You TEACH 3rd graders ;)

    Man, I don't think I could put together 44 items. Skydiving? Half Ironman (which one?)

    I haven't bought new boxers in YEARS!!! :) Still going strong haha!

    I can go on and on and on with your list haha, too funny. Yup remove that bushy forest that is growing on your head :) (JOKING!!!!!)

  5. Sounds like you have a great day planned...enjoy it!

  6. Happy birthday! I'm going with sushi. I dunno know why, just am. Haha.

  7. Happy Birthday! You totally ROCK!

    I am going with Homemade Pizza... Mmmmmm! :-)

  8. I'm going with a hunk of meat (like a roast) and Boston baked beans and Boston creme pie!

  9. Happy Birthday!!! That is quite the list... lots of fond memories of a great 44th year! Enjoy your surprise dinner!

  10. Happy birthday! I hope your 44th year is your best year yet.

  11. Happy Birthday! Hope it's awesome.

  12. You're probably gonna have spaghetti and meatballs.....maybe you should reconsider the tattoo for this year?

  13. get

    to MY

  14. Happy Birthday!! I hope your birthday meal is lamb and couscous, I don't like lamb but I love saying 'couscous'. Have a spectacular day.

  15. Happy Birthday to you and your wonky hip. I hope your birthday dinner is something thoroughly unhealthy, as it is meant to be, accompanied by copious amounts of wine. Feel free to skip the food and go straight to the wine. Year 43 looks like it was a hell of a year. Looking forward to seeing what 44 brings.

  16. >ahem< koff koff -- Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you, Happy Biiiirrrthhhdddaaaayyyyy dear Shut Up and Ruuu---uunnnnnn, happy birthday to yoooouuuuuu!

  17. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! Hope you have the best day ever!

  18. Happy Birthday! I'm guessing chicken & dumplings; great mom food.

  19. Happy birthday!!!

    I can't even guess what your birthday dinner will be. I can't see the computer screen thru all my tears of laughter over 2, 5, 16, 21, 25 and 27.


  20. Happy birthday.
    I say chicken or lasagna.

  21. What a year! Happy Birthday! I hope 2011 brings you many great things. :)
    I have no idea what birthday dinner will be, can I still get that sticker? Haha

  22. you didn't switch to geico?! yeah, me neither.

  23. Happy birthday! Chicken dumpling pizza with a couscous crust.

  24. That 44 list kicks ass! Congrats and Happy birthday!

  25. I'm so jealous that you've seen all the seasons of weeds. I'm still left hanging from when her son clocked that evil chick with a croquet mallet.

  26. chicken cacciatore - give me a sticker for knowing how to spell it :) (i hope it's spelled right cuz i dont have time to google it)


    I hope you are having a fabulous day with another wonderful year ahead!! Don't forget, when you blow out those lemony candles-- WISH BIG! :)

  28. Happy Birthday! I'm guessing that you're having ribs for dinner. That's what I made for my daughter for her last birthday dinner, and I just have this hunch.

  29. Have a great birthday. Celebrate all things SUAR!

  30. Happy Birthday! I guess you're having lasagna...because that's what I would make you.

    And I *almost* fell off of the treadmill last week...and thought of YOU! :)

  31. I was just coming to comment on yesterdays post! Happy Happy birthday! Love the list! Seriously, a bat jumped in your crotch. Wow, I need to read back through these posts and find that one!!

    Super congrats on the 6.2 yesterday!!!!! Yay!!!!!!

    Hope you have a fantastic day! You deserve it:)

  32. Hoping for chicken and dumplings - because I'd sure love it if someone cooked them for me! Laughed most at #34 - awesome list, btw. Happy Birthday!

  33. Happy Birthday!! My guess is dinner will be something delicious :)
    Next year will have just as many cool things...1) ran Boston!

  34. Happy happy happy birthday!!! It sounds perfect :) I hope you eat lots of cake and delish mom food. Moms make the BEST food, always. Also? I'm seriously totally jealous that you went to a Taylor Swift (T-swizzle, as I love to call her) concert!

  35. Happy Birthday to you...
    Happy Birthday to you.. so on and so forth!

    Sounds like you had a great year. Wishing you lots of happiness throughout the next year of your life.

    Have a great day!

  36. Happy Birthday! Hope she makes you pizza! That's my favorite too. It goes good with wine.

  37. Happy Birthday! Sure you got new underwear - you could wear the new swimsuit under most things (okay, so my "single guy" status is showing).

  38. Happy Birthday...only 364 days left in this AG, then you move up!

  39. Happy Birthday! What a year! It will be hard to top that one but if anyone can do it it's you! All the best.

  40. Happy Birthday! I hope you have an awesome day. Your list was great. What a fun idea and you sure did have an eventful year. :)
    I am going to guess homemade pizza for dinner because that is what I would want. Enjoy your celebrating!

  41. Happy birthday! I hope you have a great day.

  42. Happy Birthday! I'm going to say Lamb

  43. I can finally say Happy B-Day to you even though I did that yesterday as well.

    44 what a great number. Forward and Backward it's the same and you wear it well.

    I will go with shart brownies for dessert and the main meal being one of grass-fed beef (6oz) served with mashed sweet potato and a side of flatbread. Am I close?

  44. Happy Birthday! I'm going with the homemade pizza.
    You had a bat in your crotch? A Bat???!!

  45. I'd want that homemade pizza. that would be awesome with lemon cake!

    I love your list! With my head injuries, I doubt I could remember that many things that happened in a year.

    Happy Birthday 44. Enjoy another 365. (which interestingly is 4. You now (3 + 6) - 5 = 4. cool)

  46. Have a happy, hoppy, hippy (in a not painful way) birthday! Whoop it up :>

  47. Happy Birthday to you! I hope you get some new underwear to go with your Chicken & Dumpling.
    My BFF is 60 today and fabulous.

  48. Happy Birthday. It'll probably be the chicken / Dumplings. But I hope it's the homemade pizza!

  49. HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! Dang, woman you have had an amazing year. Enjoy your day of FUN and I hope you have homemade pizza!

  50. Happy Birthday! I also was going to guess homemade pizza, but have a great one no matter what it is!

  51. Happy Birthday Beth!
    This morning I was having a coughing fit and thought I pooped a little - thought of you and looked at my watch - the date said it is your birthday. I knew that cough was good for something.

  52. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! wow, thats quite a list. too bad your gyno doesnt have a speculum warmer, you should call them up and tell them its your birthday and to buy you one for your next visit. chicken and dumplings sounds soooo good right now, i hope thats what she makes for you.

  53. That is quite the year!
    Happy Birthday!

  54. I'm in the midst of my 44th year and I'm pretty sure it wasn't as eventful as yours...

  55. happy birthday! Thats quite a year! The ups and downs have made you so strong and even more beautiful woman!

  56. Happy Birthday! I vote the lamb dish, just because I married into a Greek family and I wish my hubby's Yia Yia liked me enough to make it for me (she pretends she does, but I know her secret. lol). :)
    If it's lamb, tell us about each delish bite. :)

  57. Hope you have a fabulous birthday! Looks like 43 was one heck of a year - hope 44 is amazing!!

  58. looks like you had a really blessed year, SUAR! Happy Happy Birthday! May all the good things continue to come your way and stay there! =)

  59. You ran with Dean?!?! ;-)

    Great year. Here's to 44+ more!

  60. Happy Birthday!!!! I make a mean chicken and dumplings (it's my specialty). I am going to guess cedar-plank salmon for your surprise meal.

  61. I love your year in review. I think we should all do that for ourselves every year. What a great way to keep it all in perspective. Happy Birthday, Beth! I know you'll blow out all of those candles, and I hope your birthday wish comes true.

  62. Happy Birthday!
    You had me at speculum. lol

  63. I foresee shart brownies on the menu!! Happy Birthday!

  64. Happy Birthday Beth! Enjoy your great day! P.S. Loved the list!

  65. Happy Birthday!

    Mine is tomorrow! :)

  66. Happy birthday!
    bonne fete!!!!
    I say she will make..lasagna and a cake!
    Dean who?
    I hope someone got you new underwears seriously..
    Speaking of that guy in the picture with you where who have your arms up..yeah that one..I will get to run with him Saturday..well not really WITH him like you did but near him..going to the Run with Dean 5k..thanks for posting the info yesterday..!
    have a good one dear!
    here's to many more pain free miles on the pavement for you and no more running in the water!

  67. Happy Birthday Beth!! I hope you have a fantastic day!

    As for the meal, I'm gonna guess homemade pizza, a side dish, and a lemon cake. :)

  68. Happy Birthday! You've had quite a year!!!

    No guesses on the food, but hopefully, whatever it is, is yummy!

  69. Happy birthday. Youve earned it :-)

  70. Happy Birthday! Only COOL people were born on this day. :)

  71. Happy Bday Beth! You had a great year, even with the broken hip. I think this is the "elite injury", all the cool people get it:) I am very impressed with how you handled everything, sharing it with us, but keeping your sense of humor even when things were really tough! Glad you are now running and I see great things in your future! Keep SUARing!

  72. It was a banner year! I am sure this coming year will stack up awfully well next to it! We'll take out the crap and add in more fun ;-)

    I am guessing chicken and dumplings for dinner tonight. Asterix is a little Gaul in a french cartoon/comic. All the guys in there are something-ix.

    Happy Birthday, Beth! Wishing you a wonderful year ahead!

  73. Woohoooooooo!!!! Happy Happy!

    Im guessing the meal is "bat in crotch souffle" (igoogle translate says that this is "chauve-souris dans soufflé entrejambe" . . . I've probably said something truly horrible in french?! . . or "bat in souffle crotch???).

    I also think your surprise meal is fill with love and thanksgiving. If you have that, it doesn't matter what you actually eat : ) Of course, I'd rather have love with sushi, or salmon grilled on cedar planks with a raspberry lime sauce . . . or . .

  74. wooot look at all the birthday love!!! seriously you have had an amazing year and we are all beyond lucky to have been able to share in the journey with laughter

  75. Happy Birthday! Hope dinner is delicious, and filled with <3

  76. Happy birthday from one 44 year old to another!

    You only had one mammogram? Does that mean only one boob?

  77. Your list was priceless....and if you must know, i have a shy colon. yeah, i can't poop outside. it's really a shame whenever I go camping. It's like the trees are watching me and it creeps me out. Good think i generally don't camp for more than 2 days at a time...otherwise I might have serious issues. Also glad to know countless other people are going to read this and know my name....

  78. Happy Happy Birthday! Whatever you ate, hopefully it was a tasty treat for you!

  79. Happy birthday to my favorite old fart (no pun intended) in Colorado!!!! Your the bomb diggity! I betcha yo mama makes steak, potatoes and some kind of beans... its no birthday for suar unless farts are involved!!! ;-)

  80. it's going to be 'chicken and dumplins'~ hope you day has been exceptional!

  81. I hope that today has been one of the best days of your frickin' life Beth! You deserve it! :)

  82. There's a couple of typo's in this post. It says 44, you mean 34, right? You.are.not.44. No way, no how.

  83. so what did you get for your dinner?!

  84. Happy Birthday! I hope you had as amazing a day as you'd hoped!