Monday, February 21, 2011


Today I turn 44 years old. You may be tired of hearing about my birthday. That’s life. I’ve got quite the day planned.

9:00 a.m. PT session

10: 00 a.m. Pedicure and eyebrow wax because of these. OMG that is sick:


11:15 a.m. Trip to Whole Food to buy my lemon dream cake and to have coffee with a friend

1:00 p.m. Free car wash (because it’s my birthday)

3:00 p.m. Take daughter to piano

5:00 p.m. Dinner with family and mom and dad. Mom’s making me a surprise birthday meal. Any guesses what it might be? She knows I love chicken/dumplings, homemade pizza and lamb with couscous. We’ll see what emerges out of her magical kitchen. Probably none of the usual favorites.

Notice there is no work on the agenda. Or anything not fun. Well, PT is debatable, but it’s getting me towards a goal, so that makes it okay.

This has been an amazing year, despite some setbacks. Here are 44 highlights (in no particular order):

  1. Went skydiving
  2. Pooped in a hallowed out tree
  3. Became a certified running coach
  4. Tried/loved/continued Bikram yoga
  5. Fell off the treadmill
  6. Had my period 12 times
  7. Became an Athleta-sponsored athlete
  8. Fractured my left hip
  9. Ran the Bolder Boulder in a grass skirt and sport’s bra
  10. Went to Vegas twice and lost money both times
  11. Taught a Webkinz class to third graders
  12. Ran a 10K with Sam
  13. Played Bunco once
  14. Had gum surgery
  15. Saw Taylor Swift in concert
  16. Had a bat jump in my lap (crotch) during my anniversary dinner
  17. Interviewed Jared from Subway
  18. Ran a 5K with Emma
  19. Qualified for Boston
  20. Became the parent of a teenager
  21. Did not buy any new underwear and should have
  22. Signed up for my first half Ironman (August 2011)
  23. Got Netflix On Demand
  24. Taught a yoga class to third graders
  25. Had one gyno exam with a cold speculum
  26. Was featured in the paper
  27. Did not throw up once except a little bit in my mouth on a run
  28. Had an allergic reaction while in Mexico that caused my faced swelled up
  29. Had a panic attack in the MRI machine
  30. My dog lost an eye
  31. Did a triathlon
  32. Took my first RV trip and emptied sewage (mine and everyone else’s)
  33. Celebrated 15 years of marriage with the love my my life
  34. Went to a topless pool but did not go topless until my top fell off by mistake
  35. Started water running. Did not love it.
  36. Learned how to spell asterisk (thought it was asterix)
  37. Watched all seasons of Weeds
  38. Had one mammogram
  39. Played six games of Left, Right, Center and lost them all
  40. Got interviewed for a Runner’s World article
  41. Didn’t get a tattoo, but thought about it
  42. Did not switch to Geico
  43. Ran with Dean (did you know that?)
  44. Had 297 blog posts on SUAR

What do you think my surprise meal is? Whoever guesses it gets a sticker and a virtual pat on the back.

Happy day to me,



  1. Happy 44! May there be (at least) 44 more!

  2. Happy late B-Day! Thanks for teaching me how to spell "asterisk" too--I can put that on my birthday accomplishments list next year.

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