Wednesday, February 16, 2011

“The Boston”: Qualifying Changes for 2012 and On

Well, we knew it was coming. Maybe sooner than we thought.

Today’s headline in the Boston Globe:

“BAA announces new procedures for marathon registration, qualifying”

Surprised? Me neither. After selling out in 8 hours and 3 minutes this year, something had to be done, right?

“In 2012, the BAA will institute rolling admission for qualifiers with the fastest runners being allowed to enter first. The field will be filled with the fastest of all qualifiers. Then, in 2013, the BAA will make it more difficult to qualify by lowering time standards by five minutes across all age groups and both genders. The rolling admission process also will remain in place for 2013 and future marathons, continuing to allow the fastest runners to enter first.”

You can read the full article HERE.

What do you think? I agree something needed to shift, and a decrease of times by five minutes across the board is reasonable. I did not expect, however, this rolling admissions business, and I’m not sure how I feel about that. Certainly, this will return Boston to its original purpose of being the marathon for the crème de la crème. My guess is that there will easily be enough “faster” runners to quickly fill the slots and those who just barely qualified under the new standards may never having a fighting chance.

Although I qualified with a nine minute cushion and would technically meet the new standard, I doubt I would ever be “fast” enough to be one of those who got a spot under these new guidelines. Because it is all about me. You should know that by now.

All the more reason to run this year on a broken hip. Or, a healing bad ass mother f*cker hip. Game on. At the end of the day I’m just sayin’ I’d train 24/7 irregardless (reference to yesterday’s post if that went over your head).

What do you think of the new standards? Does it change how you feel about trying to qualify in the future?

Want to run Boston this year? There are still two spots available with Team Reeve, the Christopher & Dana Reeve Foundation. Yes, you will need to fundraise for this great cause, but because Boston is only two months away, you would have until August 2011 to reach your goals. Please contact:

Leigh Alspach
Team Manger, Team Reeve
800-225-0292 (x7229) 

Times, they are a changin’,



  1. I have no prb with the new standards. BUT, this rolling admission is wrong! If I need a 3:45 but someone who runs a 3:25 gets the slot in my age group then damn it the bq tine should be 3:25. Why? Because honestly my time slot will be eaten up by the fastest in my age group. It won't matter if I make my time there won't be room left.

  2. I think everyone thought there should be new time standards, so I'm not surprised about that. But, wow...I don't think I agree with the "rolling admission" issue. That just seems wrong to me.

  3. I only qualify for Boston in my dreams. But if I were fast enough to qualify, I don't think I would care. There are plenty of other awesome races out there I would rather do, like NYC.

  4. I don't mind the new standards. Make it more exclusive or faster or whatever. But the rolling admissions I don't agree with. What are the standards for if you can't get it by meeting them? Just lower the standards by 15 minutes rather than 5 minutes if that's what they really want. If they want super fast people running Boston, then make the standards super fast. If you qualify for it, you should have the SAME chance as everybody else to run the race. It's like saying you qualified but you're still not good enough. Bogus.

  5. Since I have no desire to run Boston it doesn't effect me in any way. However, as a runner, the new registration seems to be just additional stress that nobody needs. If the number of qualifiers is an issue, they need to lower the times more than just five minutes. Especially because at first glance there is no provision or increase in chances to get into the race the next year or year after if you can't get in when you qulaify.

  6. wow... you really just put all of those phrases in one sentence. Impressed yet shocked at how flawless that happened haha.

    My two cents... as if you or anyone else cares... too many people are running now... it's a "social norm" of sorts in my opinion. What does this mean? People trying to qualify for Boston now have to push these slow pokes out of their way when they start at the front of every damn race because they think they are cool (crap, did I just say that out loud?).

    Too many people hit the cut off. Plain and simple. Since running is popular now, the collective pool of people trying to hit that goal is larger. Say 10% of people in those age groups could hit the BQ Time. Well, now you have double the amount of the pool running... simple logic.

    I like it. I like that they took the carrot that I felt I could actually obtain (3hr10min) and just rip it through my heart and then kick me in the nuts while they were at it.

    I don't ever care to try and run a 3:05... ever. That sounds like a hurt locker that I never want to experience.

    It is an elite race, keep it that way. Why would you let pee wee kids play in the super bowl?

    Just sayin at the end of the day, it's game on.

  7. Now I really doubt I'll ever qualify. Oh well. Just finishing one will be enough. :) Haha. I think the "rolling" is not fair, though. If they have the qualifying times, then you should be able to qualify, if you register in time.

    I agree with mamarunsbarefoot.

    But. like I said, I doubt I will ever qualify. Haha.

  8. Poop Surprise: If it helps, I totally, totally thought of you when we were inventing it. We opted for peanuts to the drink would still taste okay (even with the intentional curdling). Plus, the candy bar will stick a little bit to the bottom, so, SURPRISE, it hits you when you least expect it. I wonder how it would taste if you threw some corn nuts in there, though.

    And now I'm contemplating chocolate covered corn nuts. I bet that would actually taste pretty good.

  9. Boy, I wish this could be one of my worries.....maybe someday.

  10. Personally, I think its BS. Save a certian number of sots for the elite then do what many of the big Ultras do and the rest of the entries are via a lottery. You still have to qualify, but then it puts peope pn equa footing. Its the only way its fair.

  11. I have never been or will I be able to qualify. I am so far off the radar that the changes are only changes to me. Sorry.

  12. So shouldn't the fastest registrants get in?

  13. I have honestly never been interested in trying to go to the Boston, and it isn't just because I have never run a marathon.

    Now I kind of want to. It seems more elite. However, one step at a time... right now I just have to get through more than a mile without pain.

  14. I actually don't mind the new standards, and actually have been wondering if they will really even make a dent in the registration madness.

  15. I like the faster qual times, but NOT the rolling admission piece. That's crazy.

    Now I wish I had entered your give away. I think I would have been a contender, as I have had a passion for the Boston race long before I became a runner. I have family running the race this year, I have been training for a half and could easily just amp my mileage and be ready by April, etc. Oh well. I know I will be able to hit the qual times if I decide to commit myself to training, and the rest I can't control.

  16. I like the fact that the BAA stepped up and made a decision, rather quickly. You can't please everyone and the BAA decided to lean in the direction of keeping Boston for the elite. Which is what the Boston marathon is supposed to represent. Good on them.

  17. When I first started running marathons I qualified for Boston a bunch of times. I have never wanted to run it. Now I really have no desire to run a race that is for the "faster" runners.

    Good for those who strive to join that group. Boston gave runners something to strive towards. Something that was challengening but attainable. Now it will do more to discourage "slower" runners. Not everyone can train and get fast enough. Whether due to age or life situation many simply can not put that kind of time in. It's sad that a race like Boston will be romoved from many people dream lists. Of more concern will be the runner who push themselves to injury to attempt to make the new standard at a level that will "get them in." All simply to run in Boston.

    No thanks.

  18. Still coming to terms with this...

  19. Let me first say that I agree that something had to be done and the measures they took and the changes they are making sound reasonable...

    That being said... I now feel like i have NO chance at ever running boston lol...

  20. i'm fine with it all. one, i like a new goal and i'll do my best to qualify again w/ the new time. as for the rolling admission, i'm not sure there are THAT many people who are qualifying by 20 minutes. most people i know qualify by seconds. so i'm thinking it might not be as bad as people think...and i would like to think boston had the numbers to back up their decision.

  21. I was just going to post about this, you are always one step ahead of me! :)

  22. My goal has been to qualify before I turn 40 (whether that means meeting the standard for a 39-YO or a 40-YO). The changes mean I may never get to run the actual race, but the goal time to beat (3 hrs 45 mins) won't actually change. So I'm gonna stick with trying to hit that and, if I do, will be happy whether I get to actually run Boston or not. Which is a good thing because the answer to that is probably "not". :^)

  23. I think the change is a good one. I completely agree. The faster people have dibs on the entries, basically. I think that is fair. With the new standards I only qualified by 12 seconds as opposed to 5 minutes. That means it will definitely sell out before I have a chance to register. I am completely okay with that. If there are going to be standards, I think it's fair that the faster runners register first.

  24. I want to qualify more than I would ever want to actually run it. There are many more races that I would LOVE to do and that I would justify the time and expense to get to.
    Its would be cool to say I qualified though.
    Something had to be done so its great they addressed the issue promptly.

  25. I am okay with this---now, it will be even harder for me to BQ but I know I would be completely intimidated acutally running Boston. This will make it even MORE meaningful to BQ.

  26. i don't have a problem with the new time standards. maybe i'd feel differently if i hadn't qualified or qualified with time to spare. who knows. i'm iffy about the rolling admissions. sure, running really fast is cool but qualifying is qualifying no matter what the time is

  27. I think man times should have stayed put.

    My goal of BQ'ing like a man - ugggg. just got harder.

  28. Ugghhh.... even though I am a qualifier.... but now it is just going to be that much harder.... even more reason to run this year two months after having a baby

  29. I think my bubble just burst. I always knew that qualifying for Boston would be really hard, but now it seems impossible.

  30. Well I feel like giving up hope in that the man I've dated for years now made a bet that if I ran Boston, he would be on bended knee with a ring in hand once I crossed the finish line. This really is a bet we had going but after seeing this even with the qualifying time change, the bet is off.

  31. Seeing as my PR half marathon pace was 2:35, I never even think about Boston (maybe if I'm still running at 90 I might qualify?)so it doesn't bother me either way, sometimes ignorance is bliss.

  32. I can understand changing the qualifying times for women, but not the men's since they are pretty tought. I don't like the rolling admissions at all. That being said, I'm going to soak up Boston 2011 like a sponge and enjoy every bit of it.

  33. I agree with you. We all knew something had to change, and lowering the BQing times by 5 minutes all around seems reasonable and fair for sure (even though I barely BQ'd by literally 31 seconds).

    I'm really disappointed about the rolling admissions. This is why: it seems to me that the folks who so badly in their heart of hearts want to BQ are the ones who often fall quite close to the cut off times. Giving the majority of registration spots to those who are talented enough to easily slide into it seems against the spirit of the marathon you have to earn a spot for. The joy of that moment when you cross that line, knowing you BQ'ed will now be gone, because you'll be worried you won't even be able to register. It's a shame. Because that feeling was the most rewarding and exciting feeling I've ever had since running marathons.

    Thanks for asking us our two cents on the issue. It really bummed me out this morning. I'm glad I'm not the only one who feels this way.

  34. Not that I would have ever had a chance to begin with, this certainly seals the deal that you will probably never see me toeing the line at that race.

  35. Basically I think it sucks. I have been busting my butt to get faster and IF I ever qualify I will never be "fast" enough to be the "fastest" and be the first in line to register. So then why try for Boston Time? It is a huge motivator for so many and I think they have taken away a big drive in a lot of people. I will still try to get under 4 hours but what the hell is the point in trying to knock off 20 more minutes if I don't have a chance of getting to run Boston. Yeah I get that I could walk around and say I ran a sub 3:40 marathon and technically that can get me to Boston BUT the faster people get to sign up first so I need to really run a 3:25. I think they should do like Kona let the "pros" fight it out for the top X number spots and then leave us average working moms a few spots. I don't get to spend my every minute training and having someone cook my food for me. OKAY I am totally rambling night but this basically pissed me the heck off and I can guarantee you I will not be setting my treadmill on 7.0 mph tonight because that is the BQ time that doesn't effing matter anymore!!!

  36. Wow. I bet people are going to be really upset about the rolling admissions thing, because, like you said, they may qualify now, but not be fast enough. Hmm.

  37. Hehe. The extra 59 seconds makes NO difference to me. I'd have to run a whole HOUR faster anyway :D

    I think it makes sense though... the fastest SHOULD get in first. It's sort of like the Olympics for the "average-ish" athlete.

    Then again, since I never have a prayer in the world of getting in, my opinion is probably totally different than others.

  38. Ya know, they might as well say they changed the qualifying times for the moon launch, because I've got as much chance of making it to that as I do of qualifying for Boston. But I'm sorry for the folks who feel like it will have a negative impact on their chances.

  39. Clearly for me as a runner it is a non issue. I would never qualify for this race. It is a little sad that this iconic race will become less accessible for the dreamers and that even for those who will still qualify it will be harder to register if they are right on the target...that would dissapoint me big time If I was ever able to BQ. Impossible to please everyone on this one.

  40. I'm copy/pasting the same comment to all Blog on this subject :-)

    I think it's fair and necessary. Both the rolling enrollment and new times. I'm kinda glad as it gives me motivation to improve my times.

  41. Just great. Now I'll never qualify. Even WITH a sex change...

  42. I'm pissed and upset. I'm going to keep trying to get faster as I expect there will be a backlash and they may change it by the time it matters to me. (I have so much to improve to even get close that it would make perfect sense to give up, but I won't and there you have it) BQ'ing and running Boston has been a dream of mine since I really started "seriously" running 10 years ago, and I've held on to it through injury and cancer. I've reached other audacious goals, the only trouble with this one is my aging and injuries. I take heart from a Marathon & Beyond piece where the man took many years to qualify, saying there were only 2 ways to do so 1) get faster 2) get older....I'm going for 3) both. I am disappointed and disheartened for all the folks closer to getting in than I am.

    Good pieces up on RW on this topic (top article and Amby Burfoot's thoughts - he's not a fan).

  43. I was hoping to qualify eventually... i wasnt pressured to qualify this year and it kinda ticks me off but such is life. its boston and boston is boston- a challenge. if the standards were kept the same it wouldnt be as special. I guess i'll just have to wait until i'm older to qualify now! I bet when i'm 50 i'll have a great shot! ;-)

  44. My BQ time for next year would be 3:15. I ran a 3:22 in October so I thought running a 3:15 this year in order to qualify for Boston next year was a realistic goal. Not so sure it is a realistic goal now with the rolling admissions. I am still going to give it a sshot this year.

  45. I am in agreement with the changes. I have to say that while it makes it harder for me by 5 minutes I am going to try my darndest to get a qualifying spot this year before it changes and then keep getting them because I will push myself to do so.

    This is an elite race and should be treated as such. My biggest issue to be honest is the :59 rule. So the qualifying time is 3:10 and not 3:10:59....and that alone will eliminate a lot of people but it needed to be done.

  46. It makes sense. People are faster now and Boston was losing its elite feel. But the rolling admissions is a tad confusing and I thoroughly expect it to be a huge snafu.

  47. Here's my story. In December 2009 I was registered for California International. It was going to be m BQ marathon for 2010. All my friends told me to run that one because it was well within the qualifying window and if I BQed, I would get a spot. I trained my heart out.

    Then a WEEK before that marathon, I learned that Boston had closed for the year. No more spots. WHAT, I cried! I am running my BQ marathon in a week and I was GOING TO HAVE A SPOT!

    I went to CIM. I ran my marathon. I BQ'ed. Then I got myself up at the sparrow's fart on Oct 2010 to get a spot for this year. I wasn't going to take any chances. But lots of my friends were not so willing to get out of bed early. And they did not get in.

    SO, my point is, even in the past, when you ran, AND BQed, for a marathon of this popularity and small size, even a guarantee was not a guarantee. If I had waited a DAY to register, I would have been shut out again.

    So, there you go. Let this be your motivator to maybe run a little faster, but don't let it stop you from running.

  48. This makes me so much more thankful for winning the Salonpas entry!

  49. I never made it a priority to BQ, but thought it might be nice to do so one day. Now I'm thinking it will happen when I'm in my 60s if my body can hold up another 20 years.

  50. It is supposed to be hard to get into. They needed to narrow the field. Not really sure how else they would do that.

    It reminds me of when there was lobbying the IOC for adding lightweight rowing to the Olympics. I was a lightweight... and I was against it. Supposed to be The. Best. There isn't a midget basketball category or a BigPerson Marathon. You try to make it, you do your best, and if you fall short of the mark... that's how it goes. Get back out there and try again. (They did end up adding lightweight rowing to the Olympics).

  51. Great comments! I agree with what XLMIC says! I think these changes are reasonable and I agree with them.

  52. It's hard for me to respond objectively as I realllllly want to qualify for Boston and have had my sites on it for the past 2 years. (which in retrospect, I know, isn't that long)

    Currently, I need to drop 5 minutes, which has felt reasonable. Dropping 10, OK, I'll accept it. I've always said that the most important thing to me was qualifying, that if I couldn't afford it or couldn't register, etc. it wouldn't matter.

    However, the rolling admissions will hurt if I do qualify. But it is what it is, there are other races, and it is suppossed to be hard.

  53. I'm a little bummed about it. I really want to qualify too - and I think 3:45 is pretty fast. I'm not quite on board with the rolling admissions and tougher BQ times because for the truly elite, there's the Olympic trials, right? I'm not saying they should let anyone in, because then it wouldn't be "the Boston". But I do think anyone who meets the qualifying standards should have an equal chance of getting in. So it sold out in 8 hours this year. Well, to me that's just how it works online. Rock concerts, eBay bids...all sorts of things that we want/need are available for brief windows of time, and if we miss out, we say too bad and move on with our lives. I prefer the old system.

  54. I don't mind Boston becoming more "elite", but I was surprised that age grading did not come into their qualifying formula in some way. If you are 20 minutes faster than your BQ you're pretty much guaranteed a spot. Ditto for if you are 10 minutes faster, no matter what AG. 5 minutes faster might get more iffy, but I still think you're going to get in. But what happens in the last section of rolling qualifiers to those in older age groups if Boston will choose anyone in that portion of the registration process on speed alone? Say if you are a 50-54 year old and get 4:59 under your BQ. You would still be much slower than someone in the Open category that qualified by 1 second and, therefore, face the potential of not getting a spot despite being "faster".

    Given that I haven't even come close I am not complaining, but wonder if this could have been done more ewuitably while maintaining the whole elite status of the race.

  55. The only complaint I have with the new registration system is that the September dates eliminate Twin Cities, Chicago and a bunch of other fall marathons as Boston Qualifiers.

  56. Wow! It takes me 2:45 to run a Half so I am in awe of any human who can run a full marathon with these times.

    However, if I were in this league, I would appreciate the higher standards. The rolling admission clause is tough but being the best has its privileges.

    Man! I would be honored just to able to volunteer just so I could breathe the same air as the folks who qualify for this historic race.

    Good Luck, Beth!

  57. Hm. As a beginner runner who is just realizing the power of THE BOSTON (although being from Maine I've known about it my entire life) it's a bit dishartening.

    Being new at this I (obviously) have many goals to reach before THE BOSTON but, the thought that I might one day get there is inspiring and motviational.

    I think the qualifying time is fair. I would work my ass off to reach any qualifying time. However, the rolling entry is a litte more disappointing. It takes it just that much more out of reach.

    So, I'm not sure it changes how I FEEL about trying to qualify in the future -- I still will (try and qualify, just to be clear). But, it may have changed my chances to actually run the race -- which stinks.

  58. I'm always amazed about folks striving for that BQ time in their running. I think it's a great goal for many. Having lived in Boston in my late 20's and running with the Boston Running Club, I was very fortunate to get a Boston number in the 100th Boston. I had to raise $1500 for a charity (reasonable for a grad student like myself to do). It was an amazing race and experience. It has been my one and only marathon. Some day I hope to do another marathon and I have no sense as to what kind of time I might shoot for. I may get close to BQ time especially as I don't think it will happen until I'm over 45 and hopefully I won't lose that much speed over the next 3 years, but I don't think it will be my goal during training. I do know that Boston is an extremely tough course and many who qualify and get in find themselves running a disappointing race as the course, time of day run, time of year run, etc..set them up for a much slower race. Oh well, they still can say they ran Boston and that's what it seems to be all about in the running community.

  59. I think the rolling is a great idea. I don't think Boston needs to be a race that "everyone" can qualify for. There are plenty of marathons out there but to have Boston really mean something these new standards will bring some honor back to the race. (and no I have not qualified nor do I expect to any time soon)

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