Thursday, February 10, 2011

Giveaway: Two Boston Marathon Entries!

You read that right.

Salonpas, makers of the famous pain patch and sponsor of the Boston Marathon,  is giving away two entries to the 2011 Boston Marathon on April 18. In case you didn’t know, the entry fee for Boston this year was $130 and it sold out in six hours. Ouch.

  • Did you qualify, but were unable to register before it sold out?
  • Have you always dreamed of running Boston, but feel that qualifying is out of the realm of possibility?
  • Have you run Boston before and want to do it again?
  • Do you live in the Boston area (or within driving distance) and are looking for something to do on April 18?
  • Or, do you just want to meet me so we can “pass gas” our way to the finish? (fingers crossed I will be there)

You do not have to have a qualifying time to be eligible. You just need to be able to finish in six hours.

The winners will also receive a Salonpas sponsorship pack including a t-shirt, patch samples, massager, said pin and backpack.

A little bit more about Salonpas: They are the makers of the first FDA-approved over tsalonpashe counter pain relief patch. The active ingredients in the approximately 3” x 4” patch are menthol and  methyl salicylate (an anti-inflammatory). You put the patch on a sore spot and wear it for 8-12 hours,  and should get some pain relief. The patch will begin working within an hour. Feel free to wear it while naked (they don’t say that, but I do).

These patches have only been in the US since 2008, but have been sold in Asia since the 1930s. “The patches also deliver their medicine directly to the site of a person's pain. This may eliminate some of the side effects that come with taking pills. For instance, some analgesics are likely to cause an upset stomach unless they're taken with food.” (source)

Feel free to visit: for more detailed information. You can also find Salonpas on Facebook ( or on Twitter (

Lord knows I’ve had my share of aches and pains, so I have tried Salonpas products and can testify that they work. I put mine on before bed and wear it all night. The ultra thin patch adheres effectively to the skin and will stay in tough areas such as knees, hips and asses.

To enter: Leave a comment about why you want to run Boston this year. Make it as long, short, dramatic, graphic, imaginative as you want. Please leave only one comment. Know that when you enter you are committing to the race (getting yourself to Boston, lodging, etc.). Please do not post an entry for someone else. The person entering MUST leave a comment themselves.

Giveaway will close at 5pm (MDT) on February 13. At that time, two winners will be chosen by a “panel of experts,” including me (not randomly, but according to your entry story) and highlighted on SUAR

Fine print:

  • Salonpas provided the two Boston entries and sent me with a Boston Marathon sponsorship pack (t-shirt, massager, pin, backpack, Salonpas samples). I did not pay anything for any of it.
  • Contest  open to US residents only.
  • The winners will be chosen by me and a “panel’ of runners who haven’t entered the giveaway.
  • Lodging, airfare, etc. not included

Best of luck friends,



  1. Wow!! That's cool.. I'm going to still try to qualify. Somehow it wouldn't feel the same if I just showed up for a free run.

  2. I love that I am the first to comment! I live in Chandler, AZ but spent my first 23 years in East Boston. Our family tradition on Patriot's Day was to cheer on the runners of the Boston Marathon. I am a runner and ran my first half marathon in September. I told myself I will not run a full marathon until I can run Boston. Today, I am ready, willing and able to run it!! So PLEASE pick me! pick me! pick me!

  3. Wow, what a wonderful opportunity for someone. Good Luck to everyone that has Boston just out of their reach. (Since I'll never BQ, it was never really on my list, but maybe, this chance will come around another year.... just wishing...)

  4. Hey, your security certificate doesn't match the name of your site. Are you sure this is Beth? I didn't see one thing about poop in that post! Just kidding!

    Seriously, I would like to run Boston because it is on my bucket list. I'll never qualify - it's a good day for me if my pace is ten minutes per mile, but I believe that if it's meant to happen, it will happen. So, we'll see. Maybe one day I'll make it to Boston!

  5. This sucks. The BOSTON is just two weeks after the IMCA and I won't be recovered in time to head out there and run a good race, but F it...I'm in.

    I am with mamarunsbarefoot in terms of wanting to qualify, but the opportunity to hang out with you for a weekend and run THE Boston with you cannot be passed up and I mean that. Every step of the way together. That is my reason for wanting to get into Boston this be with you on the course and laugh all along the way. Then at the end tie a tournaqut (sp?) around my arm and get a huge vein like DK and take a pic.


    I want to run THE boston b/c it is the mecca of all marathons. I am a farter both on the road and on the treadmill (unless the hot chick is next to me and then I hold it in hoping I don't throw up from all the pressure!)

  6. I always thought I would have to wait for Boston to slow down enough (ie, I would have to get older!) to accommodate me and my slowness. This became especially evident after being pregnant for much of the last 3 years. This year...something has changed. Maybe its because I now have 2 kids under 2 and a full time job, so my running time is limited. That means if I want to complete my regular 5 mile loop, I must run FAST. Faster than I have ever run in my life. I feel like BQ is actually obtainable in the somewhat near future (combined with the fact that I just jumped an age group). And of course...I fear the time qualifications will go down after the debacle during registration, and I will never make it!! So this would be a once in a lifetime opportunity for me!!

  7. I would love to do this. Doubt I would ever qualify, but it would be a dream come true. And, my fast husband would be SUPER jealous!

  8. Wow, that's super cool. I would love to enter, I'm actually scheduled to start tapering for my first marathon that day but what better way to taper than to run a marathon... no, that's not a good idea? Okay, I guess I'll sit this one out. But good luck to all the luckies that can do it and be there!

  9. "Contest only open to US residents only" ... you said "only" twice. Is that for more emphasis? :)

    From your daily smart ass.

  10. WHAT!!! This is so so cool. Can I enter in for Billy to win it???

  11. Hungry Runner Girl - have Billy write a comment about why he wants to run it!!

  12. SO cool!
    I ran Boston 2 times, always for a time. If I win, I would run Boston for FUN. I would also see if a slower runner would want to be paced, and we would run together and have FUN for 26.5 miles (yes, Boston is long!)
    I live in Boston, so this would be easy for me:)

  13. Oh wow...I'm sooooooooo entering this!!

  14. I would love to run Boston! I will do it one day down the road but if that day is 4/18/11 that'll be fine with me. I have yet to qualify but one day I will. It'd be nice to get up there for some baseball games that weekend and then race on Monday!

  15. I never set qualifying for Boston as a goal, but this fall I ran a marathon with a plan of running under 4 hours. That would have been a PR for me. Instead, I ran a 3:40:50...qualifying for Boston by less than 10 seconds! The sad part of this story is that this race was days after Boston registration opened - and closed. The fun part of this story is that I fueled for this race with Malbec and spicy chicken wings!
    I want to run Boston this year because I earned it. Trust me. You go try running 26 miles after spicy chicken wings and I think you will agree.

  16. My dream is to run Boston some day. I joined a running team this year to get a better time. I hope I’ll be able to qualify for Boston. This give away is such a great opportunity for people that always dreamed of running the Boston marathon. I really hope I can win this.

  17. My husband has this dream of Boston, but so far didn't qualify and also had a ton of injury stuff going on in his previous training cycles.

    It would be our one year wedding anniversary weekend... sounds like a perfect weekend for me to be in Boston! ;-)

    So I want to enter on my hubby's behalf! ;-)

  18. Kathrin - can you have him write a comment about why he wants to go?

  19. Please do not enter me but that is one heck of an awesome giveaway !!!!

  20. I think it's cool that you're so cool to be doing this :). I don't want to enter the contest (at all!) but just wanted to let you know that. Oh...also, my heel is being a real bitch again! YAY!

  21. I'd love to run Boston, but it's never really even been on the horizon because of the bit about qualifying... I'm not fast, but I do love to run! Winning an entry may be the only way I'll get to run THE Boston!

  22. I have ALWAYS wanted to run Boston, but have never been quite fast enough to qualify. :) I have been battling Chronic Lyme disease now for many years and it has rendered me unable to run at all sometimes. Being able to get out and run at all is such a gift to me, and it would be an honor and a privelege to be able to run this year! I have had a pretty tough few months and am now finally starting to be able to get out and would be amazing to have something like that to prepare for and look forward to. :) You can see some of my journey here: if you are interested. Thanks for considering me! If we win, do we get to wear a SUAR sticker too? ;)

  23. Matty O. She said only twice to ensure that I would get the point I can't enter. If it was LuMu (rest her blogging soul) saying it, I'd KNOW it was anti-Canadianism. For SUAR, I'm just guessing that she's sublimating some urges or something, and the extra only was the outlet. Because women are complicated like that.

    In any case, I wouldn't have qualified, since I seriously doubt I could run a marathon in under 6 hours. Right now I'm happy with a pain free one hour run. (No Beth, that's not a cheap shot.)

    I might well be the only person commenting that isn't (can't be) entering, so I'm all hot to trot about the selection panel. Are cookies supplied? Do they get a T shirt? Or at least a SUAR sticker? Is there a residency requirement? (boooo hissss!)

  24. Well, I wish I could go, but I can't. So don't enter me. But I sure would be interested in winning some of those patches if you had a giveaway for those...hint...hint. I'd even wear them naked.

  25. Boston has always been a dream for me..
    Even with the extra 5 minutes I will get in June to qualify.. It is still a long shot.. So pick me....pleeeease!!

  26. I would LOVE, LOVE, LOVE to run Boston!

  27. omg. omg. omg. not sure what to do.
    i have been injured and not running.
    crap! i would never be ready to run BOSTON in 8 weeks but i'll be there anyway cheering all of you on.

  28. Oh man, if Chris K doesn't win this, then we really aren't in Kansas anymore!

  29. Um amazing. Amazing is the not needing to qualify part. This could be my only chance to run the Boston....considering it ;)

  30. My goal is to one day qualify. I don't think it would be the same if I didn't.

  31. I want to run Boston because winning an entry will be my only way to do it. I am a runner. I am a distance runner. I am an endurance athlete. But. I am not a fast runner.

  32. Wow, what an amazing giveaway!

    I would love - L.O.V.E. - to run Boston one day. I am not fast enough to ever qualify to run it, so even thinking about the opportunity to have a chance to run the race with all the running greats and the amazing athletes who HAVE qualified, makes me a little weak in the knees.

    Having lost almost 50lb, and kept it off, is pretty much due to running. So to say that I'm going to run "the" Boston, and knowing the race's history and importance to runners, is an amazing feat I'd love to have!

  33. Darn US only requirements - I have a friend who qualified, tried to register and then had to teach so she couldn't stay online... :(

    I'm sure the people who win will totally deserve it and I'm looking forward to reading the stories.

  34. Like so many others, I doubt I could ever qualify. It makes me sad to think I may never get to run it. But the main reason I would like to run Boston is because I am really trying to find a new fund raising idea this year for my campaign "Jog for Joubert Syndrome" and Boston would be a great fund raising platform for J4JS. J4JS is an uber small campaign that fights for even a couple $$ donations, but somehow I managed to bring in almost $6000 last year. I started J4JS because of my daughter who is affected my Joubert Syndrome. I run for her and all others with JS because they often can not. I fight everyday to help her overcome her challenges and I work hard everyday to bring awareness to this super rare disease. Boston would be HUGE for the JS community!!!!

  35. what Kovas said...

    also you were not lying this is the coolest giveaway ever!

    I am not at marathon level yet but I can appreciate how big this opportunity is! Good luck to all

  36. This.Is.Awesome. I added this race to my bucket list last year after completing my first marathon. I think I can qualify one day-but I need to get a little older and faster :) At 30, its kinda tough. I’m running Big Sur on May 1st with Team in Training and this would be my own Boston to Big Sur challenge (maybe they would still let me in?). And I will already have the training miles in! It will also help me cross another state off my list…I have a ways to go-having only completed 7 states.
    And of course I would love to meet you Beth, and I would just laugh as you passed gas across the finish line (btw-you will finish) :)

  37. I want to do Boston this year because it may be one of the only ways that I ever get to do Boston! Hopefully I qualify properly one day :)

  38. Can I be part of the pannel? I don't want to run unless I qualify. ;) (which I think you probs understand)

  39. This is so brilliant and amazing.

    I want to do Boston because - wow - wouldn't it just be the ultimate comeback race? I've had 3 injuries over the past 2 years, including 2 surgeries, and I'm coming back, I'm fighting, I'm on my way back, but oh man has it been such a struggle. I just recently got into double-digit long runs and being able to run Boston would make my heart so full. Wow. Fingers are SO crossed.

  40. Even if I did live in Boston I wouldn't want to run, just to many people... but good luck to all of you who do want to run...

  41. No plane? No hotel? No thanks! I'm not that cheap. Wine me, dnie me a little at least.

  42. Boston is a dream of mine since I was little (before I knew you had to qualify). My family is from Cape Cod, MA, and my Uncle is an old-school, big-time runner over there. He ran Boston twice and killed it. Even though I have yet to qualify, it would be great to get to run it regardless. I was in the midst of marathon training last year when I got pregnant with my first baby (aka Goober). I ran races up until I was 8 months along and wouldn't imagine it any other way. Now that I have this amazing baby girl who LOVES to be on the move, it would be cool for her to see me "finish" my marathon training that I had started. And, she needs to go to Massachusetts to finally meet my Uncle. :)

    Goober completely endorses me!

  43. What a super cool giveaway! Wow! Someone is going to be really happy when they win this!

    Not me! I'll stick with the measly 7.46 of the Bay to Breakers in May :P

  44. I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to win this!! I qualified last year and was soo excited to run it this year. I spent my entire day trying to register and watching the registration page kick me out over and over--until it was full. I train hard and would REPRESENT!!! : )

  45. This comment has been removed by the author.

  46. I would never think Boston is in the cards for me. Getting in without qualifying! My dream come true. And what a goal for a first marathon!

  47. I would love to win this because I dream about running Boston. I know I will never qualify, though. I was born with a club foot and although I walk fine, I run with my foot turned inward. Surgery is considered "elective" so therefore too expensive on my own. I will always be a slower runner because of it (I can finish in 4:30-4:50), but I run for the comraderie and the love of the sport. Boston would be the ultimate friendly crowd!! My husband is always willing to go to whatever crazy destination I want to run in just to cheer me on. So please pick me and we can crap in every port-a-potty along the way (and stick SUAR stickers to the lids!!).

  48. I ran my first full marathon last year, and I am officially hooked! I have already signed up for 3 full marathons for this year, but hey, it would not hurt to add a little Boston in between :-)

  49. I have NEVER done a full marathon, I have NEED this. I have been feeling like a failure, a pathetic use of space, a sad mommy, a depressed wife, and a negative worker. I NEED something to be focused on. A goal that is AMAZING and totally worth every step of training and competing. I am NOT beyond or below begging. (I am on my knees pleading for a chance- puppy dog eyes and all) Help me feel whole and worth something.

  50. the only way i want to run is if i am farting with you......seriously i have no desire to run it. but the thought of hanging with you ....makes me want it

  51. I would LOVE to run Boston... I havent had the time to train hard enough to qualify but it would be worth the trip! The best part? I'm already signed up for 2 marathons this spring so why not make it 3... &&& i could check off Boston & New york ALL in the same year! :)

  52. Started running at 40 for the first time in my life. Some of my BFF's asked me to do a short run for Fun on St Patrick's day. I haven't stopped running in 3 years. I have 2 awesome running partners. We've had our share of ups/downs with injuries. We have our own "special" Sunday morning half marathons. Sharing stories of our lives, the world & SUAR:) We have had lots of laughs & packed on a lot of miles. They are encouraging, positive, funny and full of GAS! Secretly I think we all hold Boston in our Hearts. I hope someday that I will qualify for the Boston, however, if I had one wish it would be to send my running partners (Sheri & Kari) to Boston. They got me started, they are good runners & they are just GREAT people!

  53. You know how people say, "I am asking this for a friend, it really is not about me". Well, this time it is true! Kinda! I am doing this for my friend Wendy who DID qualify for Boston this year. It was an amazing moment for her and she worked hard to do it. Now, I am NEVER going to be able to qualify for Boston, unless I am still running when I am 80. My 6 marathons have proved that to me again, again and again (x2) BUT since we live in Wisconsin, Wendy needs someone to train with during the cold and miserable months prior to Boston. I am willing to do this with her, but my friendship only goes so far... I want to be able to run Boston with her! So, what do you say... will you do this for Wendy? (I mean me?)

  54. In my mind I am fast
    but in my feet I am slow
    Oh to Boston,
    I never shall go

    But wait... what's this?
    "You're saying there's a chance"
    As I read this blog
    I'm doing a little dance

    Why not try?
    Throw my name in the hat
    I have two chances to win
    SLIM and FAT.

    If you pick me
    If it's my name you draw
    I'll be the most grateful entrant
    you ever have saw.

    I will give thanks
    I will grin ear to ear
    I will "YAHOO!!!"
    for all the world to hear.

    I shall thank Salonpas
    and kiss Shut Up and Run
    then count down the days
    til the funnest of fun!

    Crossing my fingers (and eyes and arms and legs and anything else that will cross)

  55. The Boston Marathon is the reason I am runner today. While working at a college in Boston, I volunteered to work the marathon to support the Women's Rugby team I was advising. I joined their "volunteer team" and worked security outside of an elite medical tent. I wasn't a runner, and I couldn't run more than 100 feet. I had never seen a marathon before and was amazed to see people cross the finish line. From the elite athlete who asked me to tie his shoe because he could not bend over without collapsing to the older overweight man who ran over the finish line holding hands with his two kids right before the time cut off, weeping with joy, I was touched so deeply and knew that someday I wanted to share in that experience. Volunteering the Boston marathon was a life-changing experience for me. I lived on Commonwealth Ave and watched the runners pass by my apartment every year. I learned to run on those streets and hills. That is where I completed my first 14 minute mile without taking a break. It was MAGICAL. It is going to be years before I qualify, but I WILL qualify some day. Let me run this year with you, and I promise to stay by your side if you are having a slow day or your hip is giving you trouble. I'll run with a backpack of salonpas patches to slap on your hip every 20 minutes. I'll carry a hydration belt of martinis for you when to going gets tough. I will tell you everything you want to hear and be your personal cheerleader. And I will cheer for you if you decide to leave me in your dust. You can be my Dean and when I become a famous bloggess I'll rave about you the same way you rave about him :) An since I lived there, I can show you around a bit too! Pick me! Pick me!

  56. Well, I live in Canada but I'll comment anyway...

    I'd like to run Boston just to see if Heartbreak Hill really is heartbreaking. My buddy said when he ran Boston he got to the top and was like "was that it?"

    I've pretty much realized that the only way I'll ever qualify for Boston is if I live to be 80.

    And have a sex change...

  57. I want to run Boston because it is ummmm BOSTON..the Boston. For me Boston is one of those things in life that I would love to do, but honestly don't know if it will ever happen...but maybe. It just seems so big and the idea of running it seems crazy...but secretly deep down would LOVE to cross that finish line!

    p.s. I would totally run with a SUAR sticker stuck to my tush if I am picked ;)

  58. My mom ran the Boston Marathon 20 years ago, and I really wanted to qualify and run it to commemorate that (and beat her time!) 3 attempts in 2010 and many injuries later, and my PR is still 11 minutes too slow for a BQ. If I don't end up getting an entry, I may just have to do what my mom did and run it anyways....shhh ;-)

  59. Okay, I was going to be the 2nd to comment on here when you first posted but I didn't know if you wanted us commenting if we were not entering. I was just going to say how amazing this giveaway is! I went back and forth for a few minutes about it since I really wanted to run Boston 2011 but got injured and couldn't qualify. Something just wouldn't feel right about running it but I can't wait to see who gets it! These comments have been sooo fun to read!

  60. And seriously, I'm surprised I'm not seeing a few more essays on here! You know if I was entering that I'd have at least a 5 paragraph essay. Come on BEth you want it! Put a little word count action into this thing!

  61. I want to run Boston BECAUSE I QUALIFIED! Ran a BQ on November 7 2011 and by then the race was full. :-(

  62. Wow what an opportunity! I'm going to stay outta this one and let someone who really wants to go have a better chance. It was my choice not to go in 2011 so I'll stick with it. Good luck everyone!

  63. Wow!! I actually qualified for Boston in December at the St. Jude's marathon in Memphis, TN but since it had already sold out I was out of luck. So I did the next best thing and signed up for another marathon which is in Albany, GA (yeah not quite the appeal as Boston!) at the beginning of March. Hmmm, Boston vs Albany, Georgia...will definitely skip Albany for Boston, no doubt about that! My best friend I haven't seen in four years lives in Charlestown, Mass right near Boston so this would be awesome...and I would have a place to stay (hopefully she would put me up or put up with me!) Boston has always been in the back of my mind when I started running distance but didn't think I would ever get there. Who knows, this could be my lucky day. And I will gladly pass gas with you along the way and probably hit a port-o-pot along the way!

  64. Why Boston? Well, I (effing) sprained my ankle training for National, which is in March, and because of the Fankle (ever heard the word, "f'idiot"?) I can't get myself into race condition in time. I'm still training, I'm just not going to be in "race" condition, I'm going to be in "run" condition, which, I hate. Oh, And another bonus, it would absolutely KILL my running coach if I suddenly called and said, "Yo! Remember how we had determined that a spring marathon just wasn't going to happen... what if we had 3 extra weeks to train, and we were training for BOSTON?" Yea, pretty much, that would be sweet. Finally, my in-laws live up there, so if I'm going to visit for spring break, surely I deserve to have a marathon as a reward for spending quality time with my MIL, right?

  65. Oh my goodness would I love to win an entry!

    Why? I am training for my 1st Ironman this year(B2B on Oct 29). I've run two marathons in the past... but the last was in 2008 and I completely bonked. It was nightmarish baaaad. I'm not planning to run a stand-alone marathon before 140.6 so it's a little bit of a worry. (I swear, that marathon memory's haunting me!). It would be SO reassuring on race day to have fresh confidence of running a marathon that rocked! Boston no less!

    Add in that we're military, stationed in New England for just a year, Boston's so close! What runner lives here & doesn't try to run Boston??? And, I'll most likely not snag a BQ on my own before I'm 80... what a fantastic chance this would be to run it legitimately instead of banditing. Not that I'd do that...

    Last, it'd be cool to give you a high-five at the start line... (was that brown-nosey? Tissue please. :))

  66. I have only been running for about a year and half now. I completed my first marathon (Baltimore) this fall with what my students call a snail’s pace of 5:47:51. They swear they could a marathon in half that time without training! I love teenagers! It’s funny a lot of people would be disappointed with that time, but you know I was SO proud of it. I beat my goal time by 13 minutes!

    Needless to say, even with a great deal of improvement, I am never looking at being able to qualify for Boston. I would love to run it someday but that won’t happen under my own leg power no matter what my husband believes! He has this grand idea that I could run the marathon in the morning with him cheering me on and then we could go to the Red Sox game afterwards. Ok, so maybe it was my grand idea, which developed after he asked me that magical question “Honey, when are YOU going to run Boston?” Since he is a HUGE Red Sox fan and a HUGE me fan I figured I would give this a shot. (I know, gag, but he wasn’t always my biggest supporter so it’s adorable when he starts getting excited for me and helping me plan trips around marathons.)

    So thanks for offering this up to all us slowpokes out there! Good luck to everyone who enters!

  67. I thought about it long and hard last night. I doubt I'll qualify ever. No way would I be ready by April. but it should go to someone who did qualify but got locked out for this year's running.

  68. Boston. One word. THE greatest word in a runner’s vocabulary or at least it is in mine. Who doesn’t run (no pun intended) the gamut of emotions when you see people show up to a race wearing the revered blue jacket? It means hours and days spent away from our families on a quest for personal glory. It’s a silent right of passage to shine from the inside out knowing that everything you’ve put in, came out just the way you hoped it would, just as it should for all of us. Every single person runs with the spirit of Boston inside of them, it’s a name but what it signifies means even more. The man or woman who will break the tape on April 18th carries that same wealth of accomplishment as Bib number 2189, time spent in 18 degree weather at 4 am, water bottles holstered and GU packed, on a journey that belongs to them yet understood by all others who headlamp at dawn and dusk. I hate that Boston miles seem to count for more than my Philadelphia miles but they do. They silently do. And why is it that everyone has a “Boston” friend? I do…and I would love to borrow her legs for just a day. Her advice “run faster to get faster”. Although that idea hasn’t gotten lost on me, it seems like my legs have other plans at times. I wanna be genetically superior, at least for a day, more specifically during the month of April. I also want that blue jacket. I’ll wear it till the sleeves fray at the cuffs, till I’ve stained the front with toothpaste and tea, until everyone in my little town knows every intricate detail of the climb up Heartbreak Hill. I’ll let them know whether they want to hear it or not.

    I ran cross country in college, I was mediocre at best, I’ve been running half marathons and full marathons for years now and can’t shake 9 minute miles like a bad cold. I’m waiting for 50 and a good set of knees to qualify. To run Boston is the chance of a lifetime, in a lifetime of chances that find me running 4:30 marathons. Sigh. Beth, I’ll run, walk, jog, shuffle and hoist you on my shoulders or rickshaw you to the finish at a chance for this. I’ll pack toilet paper if need be! I’ll do it while wearing Salonpas patches all over my body (I have a feeling this might be necessary) .I have no shame. I would love a chance at “the Boston”. I’m ready for a little bit of glory.

  69. Chris K, Chris K
    Needs a Boston Entray
    On Valentine's Day he needs a thrill
    Let him run up Heartbreak Hill
    No more talk about girlie pens
    Going to run with his bloggy friends
    and as soon as he hears that gun
    He's going to just Shut Up and Run

  70. I think ChrisK NEEDS to go to Boston. And run it too.

  71. What an amazing giveaway! I will run a BQ one day...running Boston is on the bucketlist. I look forward to reading everyone's entry "essay"!

    (oh, p.s., do not count this comment as an entry)

    (p.p.s. - please count this comment as a comment)

  72. I'll skip the essay and go straight to writing a novel!

    I’ve spent the last 24hrs coming up with reasons why I shouldn’t even try to win this. Heck, I was so distracted last night that I didn’t even enjoy eating M&Ms while I watched the Biggest Loser! I have 8 kids (yes really). Do you know how hard it would be to find someone to watch all 8 kids for a weekend? My husband is back in school in addition to working, which makes getting my runs in tricky. (there’s a bad joke in there about getting the runs) My baby is only 6 months old and I’m still nursing. Even with out the 50lb Salonpas pin I would still likely be carrying an extra 50lbs up top in those two sports bras. I’m not in the midst of marathon training right now-scheduled to start soon, but haven’t started yet-can I even finish with a decent time with only 8wks notice? Is it even fair to want to go to Boston if I haven’t run my first marathon yet?

    The list goes on. And on and on and on.
    But then I put on a lime green bikini and got over myself.

    And you know what? All those reasons I came up with not to at least enter for this became good reasons to enter. I have 8 kids (ages 12yrs to 6months, yes they are all mine, yes I birthed them all. I get asked about that a lot lately....), so my life is already crazy, why not add one more level? I’m a tough chick and have learned to *make* time for things I want to do. If I want to accomplish something I have to make an effort to do it, because between the kids, hubby’s schedule and life in general, if I don’t push for it, it won’t ever happen. Since hubby is constantly busy, a weekend away is just what we need! This would give us the perfect reason to jet out for a couple of days. Probably not his ideal weekend away, but he loves me so he wouldn’t complain. Plus he thinks it’s hot when I get tough and race focused so bonus points there! So what about training? Well, my first half marathon was run on 3 days notice and it was fabulous. Not fast, but fabulous. More recently I did my last half when my baby was less than 3 months old, because I had mentioned wanting to and someone asked me weeks later “so are you doing that? or did you decide it’s too soon for you?” Was that a challenge? I took it as one and busted out the 13. Sooner than I should have (love hindsight), but it worked. If I can do that, I think I can log enough miles to run a decent time for a full marathon. “Run my first marathon” is on the list of goals this year-what a first marathon this would be! I worked up a killer list of races that I wanted to do this year, but real life kind of put a damper on that. Between time and budget constraints, I cut that list way down...a half I wanted to do became a 5K because my daughters want to start running with me. A tri I was hoping to do this year was cut off the list because of the entry fee. The marathon I originally wanted to run was nixed due to my husband’s schedule. Blah, blah, sob, sob....nah, it’s ok, it's just the way things are right now.
    One day I’d love to BQ, but honestly, my time for that will still be a loooong time down the road when the kids are older and I can dedicate some real serious time to training and increasing my speed. It sure would be a blast to get the chance to get there sooner, meet some amazing people, and bask in all the glory it is the greatest race out there.

    And if I need to, I’ll even send you a picture of me in a lime green bikini.

  73. OK, maybe give my entry to Catey! SOmeone who birthed 8 kids and is raising them, on top of that, deserve to run Boston and then some!

  74. Wow! Not sure I can compete with poetry or the lady with 8 kids! I don't have any children and my poetry sucks. However, I would LOVE the chance to run Boston and so I am going to try anyway. Although I feel sort of guilty for all those people who actually qualified and didn't get in due to the whole "race is sold out" issue, hey, at least you have the satisfaction of knowing you BQ'd. For all of us who know it may never be possible to manage a BQ, this could be our only shot!!!
    The thing is, I come from a family which is not exactly healthy. When I first started running, people didn't exactly laugh at me, but my mom did bring up lots of stories about how much I hated gym class at school and how lazy I had been in a kid. But with a history of heart disease and breast cancer in the family, I decided I wanted to do what I could to control my future.
    As I found more and more sports that I actually loved doing, including kayaking, adventure racing and anything involving the outdoors, running has remained my constant passion, although my mother continues to wonder outloud what happened to the chubby little girl who only wanted to read books and watch tv.
    I entered New York three years in a row and paid my race fees, only to have to drop out for the first two years with injuries. I finally ran it in 2008 and I have to admit, I was a little disappointed. Maybe it was the stomach problems that hit me around mile 17/18, but I wasn't as "wow-ed" as I thought I would be. My favorite race so far was last year's Nike Women's Marathon in San Francisco. I won a lottery spot in the full marathon but then had a bad summer at work invovling lots of travel, so I didn't get to train properly. Despite that, I flew out to the West Coast to run the half instead, on a longest training run of 6 miles a few weeks before. I had so much fun on the race course, though, that midway through the race, I decided to keep going and run the full. I was inspired by text messages from friends and FB posts, once I told everyone I was going to keep running. (Yes, I can run and text at the same time, but I don't recommend it!) My time wasn't amazing (4.40 plus), but the sense of accomplishment was definitely worth it!

    Currently I'm training for the North Face Trail Race series and I'm hoping to run at Bear Mountain in May. I'd love to eventually run ultra's - as I keep telling my trainer, I am built for distance, not for speed. Which sort of makes a BQ a rather impossible goal for me. As with any lover of running, however, Boston remains THE race, and having spent 6 weeks in the Cambridge area when taking some executive education classes, I had some of my best runs Ever there. I'd love to go back, I'd love to run Boston and I need the motivation to get out there to train harder and work on my speed. So basically, what I am saying is, pick me, pick me!! I'll happily wear any pins, badges or other promotional materials, and I'll do my best to run as fast as I can and make my Mom proud!
    Thanks for reading!! :)

  75. I would love to have the opportunity to run Boston with my dad. It has been his lifelong dream to run this great race. He has been a runner his whole life and encouraged me to start running years ago- something for which I am eternally grateful. He qualified and will be running Boston this April. I was not able to qualify last year with a marathon I did and am hoping to qualify with the Chicago Marathon this year. It has been my dream to run the Boston Marathon with him. To share this experience with him would be absolutely amazing. More than likely he will not do any more marathons after Boston 2011 because of chronic calf/knee pain. I would love to surprise him and run with him during this year's marathon. I can't imagine a better experience and gift than running Boston with my dad this year. I can only dream of how excited and surprised he would be when I show up to the start line with him. It will be so amazing to see the look on his face. This would truly be a once in a life opportunity that we would cherish forever. Thank you for the opportunity to win and entry to the Boston Marathon.

  76. city. ever. I'm a Colorado resident, so I probably shouldn't say that, but honestly, it's true.

    You have poets, novelists, mothers of 8 here...all are obviously worthy and excited about the chance to run Boston. I, only the other hand, am not a poet (often times I can't even put a full thought together, let alone a sentence), only have 4 kids and have fallen into quite the rut since I did the Denver Half Marathon in October. Pitiful, I dare say. I know I can do this though...running has always been a mental game for me. Love the challenge, love the fear of putting my body through something like this, love playing Russian roulette with my genetically inferior knees.

    My parents just moved to Denver from (South) Boston, where they would sit on their stoop and watch people run up G Street to train for heartbreak hill. I've run it a few times when running along the water & back up to their house. So...I know I could at least conquer one part of the race. The rest of it...well, sheer will and not wanting to piss myself off that I didn't try one of the greatest feats a runner could conquer will get me the rest of the way!

    On a the heartstrings front...I would love to be able to do this with my sister-in-law...who, on the other hand has genetically superior knees. Super stud, dare I say - yes, Colleen, I'm talking about you. You know it's true. Coming from a long line of itty bitty little O'Shea women, I'm the wife of the only son out of a family of, gotta prove those little women wrong about us sturdier stock. :) love you, Colleen!

    Have fun reading all of these comments & hope I get to Boston with my sister-in-law! We'd make you proud & would treasure the opportunity to pass gas with you! :)

  77. I know everyone commenting on here wants this bad and they all probably have stories that will tug on your heartstrings. My story may not be as great or as impressive, but it is very personal to me.

    I grew up in a town in NH about an hour outside of Boston. It is my home. I have since moved away and have landed in Houston, TX. My whole family still lives in NH. Yep, you guessed it... burly new englanders :-) Wicked sweet!

    In 1996 my mother, Carolyn, lost the battle to breast cancer. I was only 11. My father took to running as his relief and I joined him. We would run about 2-3 miles a day together. We bonded and strengthened one another. I am the youngest of 6 and the rest of my siblings had already moved out of the house so it was just us. I went on to run for my HS track and cross country teams. I made a pact with myself that I would always run for my mom- no matter what. I have since run a few marathons and have raised quite a bit of money for breast cancer research.

    This last November I almost qualified for Boston in San Antonio. I was on track to do it by mile 21 and then everything just came crashing down (stupid knee and ITB!!). I felt like I had let my mom, my husband and my whole family down. I had told them I was going to make it home to Boston and really run for mom.

    She is my hero and I want nothing more than to help other fight their battle with cancer. Cancer knows no race, gender or age. I want to do this for not only for my mom, but others who face cancer. I want to do this for all the kids who have had to face what I did. This would mean everything to me.

    I've had my fair share of injuries, surgeries and doctors telling me that I wouldn't be able to run anymore, but I am still running. I would go into that more, but it's not important. I have come very far from that little girl who used to run with her dad. I deserve this. I deserve to do it for my mom and also for myself. Imagining myself coming up on heart break hill and imagining it was breast cancer- you better believe that I would seriously chew it up, spit it out and kick it to the curb like you've never seen before. Bring it on.

    No matter what happens, I will BQ some day. Not only will I do it for me but ultimately, it is for my hero, my mom.

    Thank you for this opportunity.

    Heart- Crystal

  78. Top 10 Reasons Why I Want to Run Boston This Year
    10. It is the week of my 40th birthday (April 21st).
    9. I have been battling injuries for the past year and a half (since I ran my first marathon), but I am (almost all the way) better now and am training to run (and hopefully BQ) at the Napa Valley marathon March 6th.
    8. I want to celebrate that I have persevered through my injuries and despite everyone around me telling me to give up running, I made it through all the rehabbing, cross training, stopping running, starting running, going to doctors, getting cortisone shots (in my heel, ouch), working on changing my running form, etc. You name it, I’ve done it, all in the attempt to simply be a runner again.
    7. For years I dreamed of running Boston the week of my 40th birthday, but due to the injuries thought this was never going to happen…until now.
    6. My name is also Beth, so we could have shirts made up with our names and get twice as many people to cheer us on. (Okay, that may be a bit too cheesy and over the top, but I’m in if you want to!)
    5. I definitely wouldn’t feel right running Boston without earning it, so seeing as I run Napa Valley in 3 weeks, I would now have even more motivation to hit my BQ time! It’s do or die and I know I can do it!
    4. I am bow-legged like you. (Just thought I’d throw this in, because I have been teased about it my entire life and us bow-legged girls have to stick together!)
    3. To show my son and daughter that when you set your mind to something, and follow through with hard work and determination, anything is possible.
    2. My husband wanted to take me to Hawaii for my 40th birthday and I’ve been too busy being bummed out about not getting my dream of being in Boston for my 40th that we haven’t planned the trip yet, so this is perfect timing. Yes, this is the honest truth, I would pick Boston over Hawaii, and trust me, and I’ve wanted to go to Hawaii my entire life!
    1. Last but not least, I would love the chance to get to meet you, as you have been an inspiration to me during my injury comeback, and I know you will make it to Boston. And I will make it too, someday, if not this year.

  79. Boston is the ultimate goal and even though I'm a newbie runner (less than 2 years), this would be an awesome motivation to "shut up" and keep on running. I always feel like I'm the tortoise but even so I love the feeling of being able to say that "I run". When I do race, I have two goals--to finish and not to finish last. I think I need to change it to enjoy and have fun--just as I do when I read your blogs. You make me smile! Thanks and Enjoy! Jen

  80. I’ll be straight with you SUAR, I’m not going to raise money for charity. I donate to charity from each paycheck of which my company matches 100%. Good guy test? Pass.

    In 2008, after breaking the 4:00 hour marathon mark, I set a goal to qualify for Boston. I was committed; I trained six days per week without fail. While I continued to improve my times, the miles caught up with me and I fractured my heel in the summer of 2009. Was I deterred? Hell no, I headed straight to the pool for some super fun aqua jogging. If anyone knows how committed one has to be to do this, it’s you SUAR.

    I healed and begin running six days per week again to get my BQ. I achieved another PR in early 2010 and was getting closer to my goal. Unfortunately, in June of 2010, a full two years after embarking on this journey, I fractured the other heel and enjoyed my second summer in-a-row of awesome aqua jogging.

    The lesser man would have given up. I did not. Just last Sunday I give it another Go to get my BQ and got it. 3:29:43. This is definitely a significant achievement considering I trained constantly for almost three straight years. My commitment never waned. Did I let those frigid San Diego 40 degree temperatures deter me? Heck no. C’mon, I even ran in the rain. Remember?! Meg was my witness.

    And while this inspiring story is sure to tug at your heart strings, let’s get down to the real reason I need to go run Boston this year. As a single guy, let’s just say it’s been awhile since, well, you know. Training 6X per week, working my fingers to the bone to put food on the table, and being the world’s best Single Dad leaves little time for dating. But…..if I could tell woman that I’m going to run the Boston Marathon that might just do the trick to help get my “needs” met, if you know what I mean.

    So, SUAR, I think I have proven to be worthy recipient. I am a good guy and promise to be a great SALONPAS Brand Ambassador.

    And here is my final offer:

    -I will change my Blog name to SUAR is a Goddess
    -I’ll wear an Athleta running skirt at Boston
    -I’ll stick at least one SALONPAS patch on every
    appendage of my body
    -I will create World Peace

  81. Please do not put me in for the vote, I just wanted to comment.

    What a great opportunity for someone. I hope whoever wins has the time of their life.

    Me and my 10 minute miles are not worthy to run Boston. Plus, I would totally be the.last.person.left and that would be a blow to my ego.

    I give high fives to those of you who are speedy. When I set the 'mill on an 8 minute mile, I feel like dying. Just don't know how you do it.

  82. Chris K in a running who can beat that? He even has the speech of miss USA: world peace!!! plus he DID qualify !!! come on!

  83. In retort to Beth (#81) above. I would also agree to change my name to Beth.

  84. Oh Boston-how I have yearned to run this race since I heard of it in high school. This is a lifelong dream and one of those things I swear I will do before I die. I have run several marathons-pre kids. Then I had 3 kids in 5 years. I know to some that may not be a lot, but physically and mentally, I let it all go. No more running for pure enjoyment, no more races…About 12 months ago, I trained for the Nashville half marathon to honor my friend who passed away from cancer. It was a super experience. It kicked in all of my competitive spirit. I realized I love to run, it is ok to run if you have kids & a job & a life. Actually it makes me a better mother, wife, friend… (At least that is what my husband tells me. I think he is really telling me I am less of a bitch). I have since signed up for 2 more half marathons this spring. I am training and loving it.

    But seriously, I will someday get to run the Boston Marathon one way or another. I am hoping you will grant it to be sooner, than later. I have a dream/goal and I want to go for it. Dream big, work hard and pursue what you love to do. So I am entering for myself and my big dream like so many others. Boston is the pinnacle race for all marathoners and I just want to get there!

    I also emailed my sister in law Courtney (#79) to enter too. She is the mother of 4 from Denver. She is a fantastic friend, mother and wife. I would so love to run this marathon with her. We could gossip about our family for hours. The time would fly by! We saw each other this fall and decided to pick a race to run together. How much better could it get? Running Boston would be a dream come true for both of us. It would also be a hell of a girl’s weekend.

    So please pick Nashville & Denver as a combo team. We will do you proud!

  85. OK...I wanted give reasons on how I'll never qualify...but I might after 45 (haha) or I wanted to give you some dramatic family story to show how I'd appreciate it. Finally, I decided this is one contest where it's more fun to be truthful with you than try to "win" with a great response. Why do I wanna run Boston? Because that unicorn is a total P.I.M.P. and I want the jacket! The first time I saw that logo I was floored. Seriously? If that thing came to life, instead of being all "Yo trick, where be my fiddy dolla?" He'd pop off his horn and tap on the floor like a cane while he cocked his head to the side and said with a perfect swagger "Yo, skinny white playn me for a fool? You best be gettin yo boney ass in gear and bring me a qualifying time, beyotch." OK OK that's not reallllly true...I'm far from a skinny boney ass! haha. One day one day...when I'm too old to tell people why I have a pimp horse on my coat.

    FYI: I probably should be responsible and say I shouldn't win since I really can't afford to miss time from Intersnhip since I'm graduating in May, on a prayer getting my client hours in! buuuuut for Shiz & Giggles IF you woulda picked me...wanna email me and tell me to brighten my day? ( ;

  86. I absolutely LOVE that you are hosting this giveaway - I would also Love to be running Boston with you this year! I know that qualifying is within the realm of possibility here; it's a matter of continuing to find my balance between a real commitment to running and maintaining my relationship with/love for Yoga. Thus far, the latter has taken over my mind and body, and I don't seem to have an issue with it all. It makes me stronger in every aspect of training (mental, physical, emotional), and I'm soaking that in. WHEN I qualify, I want to be satisfied with that time, and ready to take on another winter-training series. :) Colorado may deal a tough hand, but nothing the North-Easterners don't see/deal with too, right? I'm progressing from a place of running for a challenge --> running to meet friends --> running to learn how fueling my body with the right stuff makes ALL the difference --> running to find balance --> running through snow/ice to see what it really means to me to keep it in the mix. It all comes together with a BQ attempt/success, and I may have yet to grab that goal, but achieving it is palpable and on my radar.

  87. Seriously, just have to leave a comment & cross my fingers? DUUUUDE...awesome. So here's the deal. I ran the Columbus Marathon in October 2010, finishing in 3:40:23...TWENTY FOUR SECONDS late...missed Boston by 24 ridiculous seconds. OMG, NO! I have a buttload of friends who are going to be there and made the registration. I was so determined that I went and ran PF Chang's last month and MADE IT with a 3:40:15...only, it was sold out by then. PLEA-LEA-LEA-LEAAAASE help a running buddy get to Boston & meet up with her friends! Appreciate the opportunity to even apply!

  88. Wow! So cool!! Thanks for the opportunity!

    I started running 4 years ago when I moved from NC to WA state. My husband is in the Army Special Forces and got transferred. The moment I arrived I could tell that place was different. People were so active and healthy! My husband and I (&18 mo.old in a stroller) ran our first race together, a 5k! Then we ran a 10k. One year later we ran the same 10k, Tacoma City Mother's Day 10k, the day before my husband left for Iraq. I was lost. I had no idea what to stay sane, to curb my anxiety. So I laced up my shoes. I planned to run at least one race a month until he returned. I followed through with that plan except for the month of Dec when the 12k I was registered for was canceled due to ice and snow.

    My hubby returned from Iraq the end of Jan 2009. I didn't stop running. He left again on and off for the entire year, spending about 3 months of 2009 at home. Dec 09 I found out I was pregnant, lost the pregnancy and my husband deployed to Afghanistan, all within 3 weeks. I ran. I didn't know what else to do. So on a lonely night in Jan '10 I sat down and signed up for my first full marathon. I had already completed 6 halves and felt it was time to go for it. I registered and trained for the OKC Memorial Marathon. I finished in 4:09.50! When I crossed the finish line I felt unstoppable, strong! During my husband's deployment I continued to train. He returned at the end of July 2010, early because my dad was diagnosed with Pancreatic Cancer, and was more than sportive of my training for the Portland Marathon in Oct 10.

    After my hubby returned we found out we were moving back to NC. I was destroyed. I had made WA my home. My running buddies were there. That is where I found my love of running and learned to love myself again. And to make it worse we were scheduled to leave a couple of weeks before the Portland Marathon. Somehow we worked it so that I was able to run the marathon on the way out of town, literally. I ran the marathon...worst marathon EVER. It rained like 6 inches in 2 hours. I was an emotional wreck. I didn't want to leave. I finished in 4:32. A disappointing finish considering all my hard work and miles. Mentally, that day I didn't have it in me.

    I was already registered for the Vegas RnR marathon on Dec 5. My initial plan was to use Portland for a BQ, its a good course for that. Flat and fast, when it isn't pouring buckets and when you aren't on the verge of a nervous breakdown. My back up plan was Vegas. We took two weeks to move over 3,000 miles. All the while I was trying to keep up with my training for Vegas. Going from the beautiful, runner's paradise of the PNW to the hot, humid east coast was hard. I had trouble adjusting and getting my runs in. I gave up the dream of a BQ in 2010. Plus Boston was already sold out, I could have still qualified for 2011. My three running buddies backed out of Vegas so I was going solo. Another blow to my already fragile emotional state. I was homesick for my running routes in WA. I wanted to go home. Thankfully Mel (you know her as Tall Mom) agreed to meet me in Vegas and run the entire 26.2 miles with me! I couldn't believe it! So there we were, in Vegas! I completed Marathon #3 in 4:30.56, three in one year. But not good enough.

    I would love to qualify for Boston! I have hopes of going for a BQ at OBX in November. I have worked so hard over the last 2 years through ups and downs. If hard work, dedication and heart alone could get you a BQ I know I would have qualified 10x's over. But until they take that into consideration all I can do is train harder.It would be awesome to have the opportunity to run it this year!

    Above all, I would love the chance to tell my story: My journey back to loving myself through running, working hard and staying motivated even when things don't go as planned and when the world around you seems to be spinning out of control.

    Thanks for the opportunity!

    5 Miles Past Empty

  89. Running Boston this year would mean many things for me. First, it would be validation for all my hard work these past few years. More importantly, it would be a proud moment for my extended family and a chance for us to celebrate life and each other.

    I was never an athletic girl growing up. I was heavier and hated the idea of running. It was hard, I felt awkward and I looked awful when doing it. After putting on significant weight in college I knew I had to make a change. I took up running the year after I graduated and haven’t looked back since. That’s not to say I’ve loved every second of it but even on the hardest days I was proud that I got out there. All my hard work paid off. Not only did I loose weight but I also have ran the NYC Marathon this past year. It was a life changing event and the only way to top it would be to have my extended family there cheering me on.

    Both of my parents grew up around Boston and many of my relatives still live in the surrounding cities and town. To them, Boston is the only race. When I told my family I was running NYC they asked “Is that like Boston?” My grandmothers continue to ask me when I will run Boston.

    Over the past few years, my family has had some major medical scares. Both of my grandfathers have needed hear surgery, my grandmother has dealt with skin cancer, and my aunt is now in remission from lung cancer. It would mean the world to me to have everyone together celebrating life and the gifts we’ve been given.

    My family has always been there to support me and I want to do this for them. I want to make them proud and I know running Boston would mean just as much to my grandparents as it would to me.

    Thank you for the chance to reflect on how lucky I am!

  90. Just wanted to say that you look lovely today Beth. Did you lose weight?

  91. Okay, I completely understand why giveaways are often open to USA residents only but why this - especially if we're covering airfare and travel costs?

    Just wondering. But, seriously, I would definitely enter if I could.

  92. Amanda! You are amazing. I loved your entry. You're the epitome of the journey of what many mothers go through but you're goes way beyond that! Hope you get picked! I'll take second any day to that. I'm cursed with the 4:30's as well.

  93. It is my dream to run the Boston Marathon. Knowing where my times are now, I think I'd be waiting 10+ years for me to get faster and the BQ times to increase by age. I think it would be so amazing to do it now, and I'm already training for a marathon! I'm scheduled to run the Illinois Marathon 4/30, so I'd just need to modify my training for a slightly earlier date.

    I'd also love to meet my farting role model at the finish line :) I truly admire your commitment and attitude toward running and running through adversity/injury.

  94. I went to Wellesley, so I spent four years cheering myself hoarse out near the halfway point. (Fun fact: a lot of Wellesley students consider Marathon Monday to be the best day of the year.) Now I live in Boston, so I cheer from closer to the finish line.

    As a Wellesley student, I viewed the runners with awe - my dorm was always out there until the end, when all of the back-of-the-pack runners made it past. The wheelchair racers were (perhaps still are) my favourite to watch, but we cheered loudest for the runners at the back.

    I wanted to run Boston then - as a bandit, if I had to - but I didn't think I was capable of running that far, forget qualifying. Out of college, I started running regularly, and lo and behold - I ran a half marathon. I loved every minute of it. I loved the training runs. I even loved the aches and pains in the days afterward. (I couldn't walk right for three days after the race, if that tells you anything!) I thrived on my training plan, and I've run a handful of 5ks and 10ks and am training for another half. A marathon is on my shortlist of things to do (given the chance, I could modify my current training program to fit Boston).

    Boston isn't on the to-do list, though. I still want to run it (very, very much), but not as a bandit runner. I suspect that - with a lot of hard work, and probably several marathons - I'd be physically capable of qualifying. But - and this is where my case for a BM entry gets kind of weird - I don't think it's a good idea for me to try to qualify.

    I have no problem with the hard work, the training, the sweat and blood and dehydration and multiple attempts (not to mention multiple years) that would go into qualifying, but I'm really, really nervous about trying to get faster. I skated on the edge of an eating disorder for ten years, and running is one of the things that keeps me sane(r) now. I made a deal with myself, when I started running, that it had to be solely for fun, that although I could run races or really long distances, I couldn't start getting wrapped up in speed and timing myself - I know myself *way* too well for that, and I know how it would go: I'd end up getting upset with myself for not running fast enough, and then I'd start thinking that I'd run faster if I lost weight, and then running would start mattering less, and...and I'm not going there. It means that I won't be qualifying - or, perhaps more to the point, trying to qualify - for Boston anytime soon. Right now I make sure that I eat enough that I can go out and enjoy my run (and I run races for the hell of it, or for the experience, rather than trying to PR), and I'm not going to risk messing with that.

    So, in short... I would LOVE to run Boston, but only if I can do so without sending myself back down the rabbit hole trying to qualify. And if not... then I'll watch for you from the sidelines :)

  95. I vote for Chris K. I mean, just look at the title of his blog. Plus, anyone who Kovas endorses has to be cool.

  96. I just want to run it for my 2 kids my husband and specially for my Family. My parents brought me to the United States in year of 1991. My English was very limited. However, with the help of my teachers and my parents I "learned" quickly. I became the first one to graduate from Lipscomb University and I guided my sisters on a good path; now one of my sisters is a teacher like me and my other sister is a nurse :) I am a dreamer, running the Boston Marathion is another thing of my big dreams.

  97. more thing about me. My family came from a very low social economic status. My father was a bricklayer and my mother worked for a factory and because they work hard, they tought us how to work hard and SMART; and by doing so we could achieve everything and anything. I worked very hard: giving up on some things, training and running hard on various events. Therefore, this is why I REALLY want The Boston Marathon.

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