Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Hell to the YES!

Hold your breath…wait for it…

Yesterday’s workout: 43 minutes of running (5.35 miles with intermittent 2 minute walks).

I know. I should be in the Guinness Book of World Records or at the very least in the hall of fame or the Olympics or on some bathroom wall (which I sure I am anyway for other reasons). I did not write this, but it just goes to show all dads should check the bathroom wall on occasion.


You have to remember that three weeks ago I could barely run for 15 minutes. Damn hip stress fracture.

I have tweaked my Boston training plan considerably since I was not ready to up my running as anticipated. Today I’ll send the new plan to the Boulder Center for Sport’s Medicine so they can make sure it’s safe, conservative, yet puts me in a position to run Boston without hurting myself. I also hope it is a plan to help me win the race. All $806,000 of it.  Because that is my goal. Sounds reasonable. I could take you all out to dinner.

Today I am wearing this shirt in celebration of running. I haven't been able to wear it for awhile, because I couldn’t run and therefore I couldn’t run for wine. Now I am back to running and wining. I am not good with the self timer. And yes, I am balancing on the bad hip, which I no longer call “bad.” I call it “badass mother f*cker.”


Mine is the most screwed up, untraditional, odd, wonky, training cycle on the face of the earth. It’s so ridiculous I think it’s funny.

This training cycle:

  • Longest run to date: 5 miles (would normally be 13)
  • Highest weekly mileage: 5 miles (would typically be around 35-40)
  • Longest anticipated long run for the marathon: 13 miles if I’m lucky (would usually be at least 2-20 milers)
  • Number of weeks taken off completely for trip to Costa Rica: 1 (7 weeks out from the marathon). (Normally, I would not have one of these complete rest weeks in my plan)

So, I’m here to tell you. If you are puking your guts out and miss a few days of running don’t sweat it. If you are behind on the Bachelor and want to take the day off, don’t sweat it. If it snowed 265” and you can’t run, don’t sweat it. Just think of me over here training for a marathon with very little actual running. Yet, I’m still hopeful I can do the race. Denial is not a river in Egypt, or something stupid people say that they think is clever.

Other (overused) things people say when they think they are clever (I apologize in advance if these phrases are in your daily vocabulary):

Game on!
At the end of the day…
Phone tag…
Hell to the yes..
Been there, done that
My bad
Just sayin’

What phrase do you find terribly annoying?

Today after a painful, yet glorious PT session, I headed over to Whole Foods to hit up the samples. Do you ever do this? I had a total score. Lemon Dream Cake. Huge slices for free. Or I think they were free. I ate a few and stuffed a couple of them down my pants for later. I think I could make a whole cake with them if I want. This is the very cake I will go and buy (not sample) for my birthday next week. Yes, it is my birthday on Tuesday, 2/22, one week from today. I will be 44 on 22. So, mark your calendars and remember how much I love lemon cake.  Hell to the yes!!!!!

That cake was for sure a cheer-up-quickie (urban dictionary slang),


PS: If you live in Boston or are familiar with the city and know of a good happy hour spot for our blogger meet up, please let me know!! I’ll send you a piece of cake from my pants.


  1. I nominated you for the One-legged Balancing Hall of Fame. I'm waiting on their reply! Hell 2 Da YES!

  2. "At the end of the day" ... my boss uses that one all the time. *shudder*

    Way to g on the 43 minute run! YOU'RE BACK! That purse is YOURS.

  3. you really know how to make us laugh, cry , and cheer! I am freakin excited for you. 5 miles is awesome!!

  4. "you know?" tacked on to the end of everything just kills me.

  5. 43 minutes of running!! YAY OH YAY!!!!!!!!!!! Yippeee!! Can you see me jumping for you!!!

  6. That is so AWESOME! All up from here:) Great progress! I'm excited for your post 3 weeks from today where you say "3 weeks ago, I could only run for 43 minutes". It WILL happen and you're gonna RUN the Boston Marathon!! Woohoo! Way to hang in there and keep fighting!!

  7. You are awesome. And fast! I am so stoked for you - yay for PROGRESS!!

  8. FYI..I cannot stand it
    also the over use of the word "LIKE"

    Great progress! very happy for you!!! bring on 04-18!!!

  9. 43 minutes....HELL TO THE YEAHHH!!!!!

    phrase i find most annoying...low and behold. ick!

  10. Awesome! So glad you are back in fighting shape. And you are far braver than I am...

  11. I hate the work "epic".

    Your house is so clean. If I took a picture of myself doing that right now, you wouldn't be able to see my feet through all the blocks, legos, and Dora stuff.

    Congrats on your run! I ran chicago last year with only an 8 mile long run under my spibelt. I wasn't injured though, just lazy.

  12. "You're gonna have to learn your clichés. You're gonna have to study them, you're gonna have to know them. They're your friends. Write this down:
    We gotta play it one day at a time. I'm just happy to be here. Hope I can help the ballclub. I just want to give it my best shot, and the good Lord willing, things will work out."

  13. Woah! You are pretty old. No wonder you are breaking bones!!!

    Also, why do you have carpet under your dining room table? Doesn't that get hard to clean when you guys drop food????

    Oh, I was supposed to be looking at the pretty Warrior 3 pose with you forcing a smile? Sorry, I get distracted easy haha!

    Honestly, good for you. I am going for a four miler this afternoon. Praying for no pain.

    OH, and I use GAME ON all the time GRRRRRRRRR, I don't care, I like it anyways :p

    Good luck with the running!!! Hopefully this is the last of the water running for you already, I can completely feel your frustration with not getting out and getting those runs in !

  14. YAY!!! Congratulations on yet another milestone.

    Oh...can't stand "My bad"

  15. Just Sayin' is completely overused! When did those 2 words become so popular?

    I get terribly annoyed at my co-worker that says "honestly," before every sentence. I've never accused her of lying so why must she always tell me she is telling the truth. Argh.

    I'm so happy for your huge running progress. You go, girl! (overused? Hell to the yes).

  16. I can't take. "step up to the plate", it's like nails on a chalkboard. What plate? The one baseball players step up to? I don't even watch baseball. Most strike out. Sorry to upset the response post with my baseball euphemism negativity. :) I'm cheering for you! Pass on the pants party Lemon cake.

  17. Congrats on the run, Beth! Progress is awesome!

    @Caroline - my boss always writes "FYI" on our meeting board, but always about really obvious stuff so we've started saying that it means "F*** You Idiot". :P

    I hate "My bad" - I work with a lot of people in their very early 20s (yay, retail) and I don't understand how they can't speak proper English.

  18. So excited for your birthday!! I am coming to the blogger meet-up!! CONGRATS ON YOUR RUN!!! That makes my day and you are even balancing on your 'awesome' hip!!! I am truly to excited for you!!

  19. Eating Chipotle in your car is classy, NOT old ;)

    Haha, glad you get my sense of humor!

  20. You make me laugh! Great job on the running! Amazing what it does for one's mood.

    I have this great shirt that says:
    No Run = Cranky + Moody

    I've been wearing it for 4 months.

    I HATE the phrase Just sayin'. Who came up with that? Justin Bieber?

  21. that was my entire vocabulary right there...

    just sayin'....

  22. funny girl. good luck with your training!

  23. Training plans are for the birds, anyways.

    I can't wait to go out for a free dinner on your Boston winnings! I'm definitely ordering dessert.

  24. OK, this was totally a wake-up call for me (another annoying overused phrase). You are doing better at running than I am, and I am not injured.

    I guess I know what I am doing when I get home from work today.

    Also? At work the words "synergize" and "webinar" and "cafetorium" are in common usage. I am pretty sure you need a lobotomy to actually use these words and mean them.

  25. I can't stand

    "My Bad",
    "What is your Engagement level?",
    "At the end of the day",

    and people ending every sentence with the word "Like".

    Also...lotsa bloggers with Bdays in Feb????? Are we all middle children who were not allowed to talk and were socially repressed by their siblings????

  26. Shawn - no it's just that parents all really liked having hot sweaty sex in June. Gross.

  27. VICTORY! So happy for yoooouuuuu. For realz this is most def great news! No doubt you'll be dominating Boston fo' sho' (if you can't tell, this is me, trying to be annoyingly trendy with my slang terms) Phrase I dislike the most: "shredding the gnar"; commonly used by "dude bros" who are huge ski junkies, referring to skiing down fresh, "gnarly" powder.
    But seriously about the hip... yay!

  28. most "hated" phrase - ya know what I mean? Throughly enjoy reading your blog refreshing to say the least!

  29. Literally!!
    Most incorrectly, overused word EVER!

    And well done you... you are literally AWESOME :)

  30. Now you made me hurl water out of my nose...hahaha...that's twice today that people made my day (bday)

  31. Excellent run! You must feel AMAZING! Congrats!

  32. I want to know the things that Dad should know if that bathroom wall writer dies. How could they leave us hanging?!?!

    irregardless. It is not even a word! I want to hit the people who say it. I want to really hit the people who I have actually told it is not a word! and they STILL say it! The word is regardless! See it drives me crazy!!

    Okay on a happier note: My daughter wanted lemon cake for her last birthday too. I thought she was crazy. Now I know there are others who love it that much too. Thanks for making my daughter seem more normal to be. ;-)

  33. "don't you think?" hate it.

    oooo and yes, I am with, Shellyrm... irregardless. gack!

    I know what a big deal it is that you can stand balanced on your badass m.f. hip leg. A really big deal. I know it. NO sarcasm.

    And 5.35? You can run almost as far as I can now! Sheee ite! great job! And you are running it faster than I can :( poop... i suck. But you'll never catch me in age... lol

    I like that training cycle... there is something to be said for NOT over-training ;-)

    Love the cake down the pants! No frosting, I hope.

  34. Great news on the extended run. Keep that momentum going.

    With all that pants cake, perhaps you should extend an invitation to the Pants Party (watched Anchorman while doing PT this weekend and my head is full of useless quotes).

    Looking at your picture above I have to point something out that your doctors, therapists, lifeguards, all the kings horses, and all the kings men seem to have overlooked. You appear to be missing your left leg. I think that may be the source of some of your issues. Just sayin'.

  35. This was exactly what I needed to read today. Your a rockstar and I'm your biggest fan. Thanks for cheering me up! If I saw you In real life I might kiss you! :-O

  36. This post made me laugh!! Congrats on the run and your birthday and going to Costa Rica and going to Boston.

    I hate abbreviations that are intended to sound hip. Like 'za for pizza (blech) and 'thon for marathon (even more blech).

    I notice my 4-YO twins are already starting to punctuate their speech with "like." They don't watch TV so I have only myself to blame. And my husband. I can blame him too.

  37. I grew up near Pittsburgh. There are too many annoying phrases that come from that city that I can't possibly put them all into a comments section. I'll pick my "favorite". People from the 'burgh add "an' 'at" to EVERYTHING. As in: Did you wanna get some lemon cake, an' 'at? Did yinz wanna go downtown, an' 'at? So, I ran this morning, an' 'at. Question. Statement. Doesn't matter. Drives.me.NUTS! An' 'at.

  38. "Welcome to my world"...no thanks mine is crazy enough, I want to go home.
    Free samples is what makes my trips to Costco with 3 boys tolerable, if only I could get then to take the first one they touched, sorry if you are at our Costco.
    Way to go on your run today that is awesome!

  39. Great job on the running. Most annoying phrase.. "The truth of the matter..." Agggh....

  40. for me it's "uber" and "basically".

    congrats and welcome back to running =)

  41. I'm just sayin' but I find hell to the yes! to be annoying....just sayin' that at the end of the day we all have our sayings. We will be saying them 24/7 so that when the Game is ON! we will be ready to go.

    I told you before and I'll tell you again....you cannot wipe this smile from my face. I am so thrilled for you. You deserve a solid 5 miles and you will go longer.

    With you every step of the way.

  42. Dude. You're a rockstar. Love following you!

    BTW - was in Denver 2 weeks ago. -16, really. How do you do that?

  43. 45 minutes!!! Here's to hoping (annoying phrase?) the Boulder peeps give you the go-ahead, and it's game time! Heh.

    I just scored at WF with their little bite-sized brownies. Best sample, ever! They only cut them in half. Big ol' brownie chunk success. :)

  44. I wish I lived anywhere near a Whole Foods to graze....
    I'm not a fan of the phrase or word, if you will, "Girlfriend"... Just sayin'...I mean it's not "rocket science" or "brain surgery". I guess I just have "issues" when all is said and done....you know? LOL! OMG! WTF???

  45. I have read that hips need chocolate to mend!

    I'm watching the episode tonight. I am excited to see his boobs. It's been a boobtacular season. I swear, during rose ceremonies, the ladies are all about two drinks away from THEIR ladies popping out all over the place.

  46. So so so happy for you! You can do it!!!!!!! I hate the phrase "I did {fill in the blank] like it's my job" even though I do routinely use that phrase. For some reason, when I say it, it is really really funny but when other people say it it sounds stupid. Why is that?

  47. Love the training plan, you're totally going to win!

    Annoying terms: "my bad", "gnarly", and the worst is "like" repeated countless times in a single sentence.

    The nearest Whole Foods is about 50 miles away so I don't get there too often, instead I go to Costco for their samples. I'm that annoying greedy person that goes back at least a half dozen times if it's something good, especially for their Belgian Chocolates, in fact I'll often lurk around waiting for the demo person to go on break so I can get more without being caught out.

  48. I've become fond of playing Buzzword Bingo at the office. You get points whenever the following words/phrases are used in meetings: synergy, organizational alignment, think outside the box, paradigm shift....I'll spare you the rest. Nice pose!!

  49. Congrats!! Every extra step is an accomplishment in recovering and coming back from injury and 5 miles is a heck of a lot of steps. It's a great feeling, isn't it?

    I would love to run as fast as you do, but I'll settle right now for having gotten my mileage back up post tendinitis and major medical issue - of course those were 2004 and 2006 and my mileage is just now getting back toward plan. Maybe you can tell me how to get faster? :) So maybe someday I can BQ? (I really wanna......)

    Lemon cake, yum. Except for my gluten intolerance.

    Love the buzzwords - some real favorites were on that list.

  50. I can't stand when people, smart people, say 'orientated'. As in customer-orientated.

    It's oriented.

  51. "Seriously?"


  52. I'm completely with you on the "at the end of the day' stuff. I haaaaaate that.

    As much as I love a well-placed "That's what she said," when used improperly it REALLY grates on my nerves. TWSS is sacred. Don't abuse it.

  53. I do have a favorite new word, though... spurtle. It is a real thing. I have one. And you can use it like a verb or a noun ;-)

  54. Awesome job on the 40+ minute run! I did a yoga routine yesterday and thought of you :)

  55. Me with the hip flexor injury & 11 days to half marathon. I thought of you as I cranked out a 10 miler on Sunday (longest run/walk had been 4 miles). So I figured you are in way better shape than I am & still have some time left to train... You will totally rock Boston!!!! I did rather enjoy my ice bath afterwards & almost enjoyed the "massage" from Phys Therapist the next day!

  56. "Hammy"
    "Nothing for nothing"
    "You're the BOTTOM tonight"

    Welcome back to the world of running...now that you have your LONG run done, you can finally taper!

  57. you're so totally going to win this thing. hands down.

    "just so you know" = HATRED for me!

  58. Pants cake. Almost as good as pants pudding.

  59. Woohoo! Awesome, awesome, awesome! Love the balancing pose too! :)

  60. I say this all time: Waaaassssssuuuuuuuup

    That's okay, right?

  61. I hate when people say "sorry, not sorry" or "sorry 'bout it"

    also, I hate when people shove cake down their pants, it leaves none for me :(

  62. Yay for the running. I'm likely guilty of a lot of annoying sayings mostly because I think it's fun to annoy people. Have a great day!

  63. I needed to read that... "don't sweat it"... so, I won't worry about taking a few days off and I promise to stop cursing at my aching body parts... oh, and Yellow Pants Cake<--AWESOME (I say that all the time, in a singsongy kinda way)

  64. Congrats on the run! It will be interesting to read about the rest of your training. I had half a season of water running in high school due to a stress fracture and when I finally started racing again I hadn't lost much. I wasn't PRing but I running well.

    I live near Boston. I'm never in the city at night and don't know anything about happy hour, but there's a place called the Black Rose near Fannual Hall that's cool. Very Irish, often has live music, and just generally a fun place.

  65. Sweaty sex is gross or parents having it is gross?
    Pants cake is awesome.

  66. Congrats on running. I am super happy for you.

    WF's rocks. THis weekend there was a Vitamix guy there giving out soup, icecream, smoothies etc. YUM

    Oh, I lived in Boston for years but it's been a while since I was there and I have no clue what's HOT now.

  67. YAY! So glad you had a good run! Progress.

    That lemon cake sounds delicious! I may have to give that a try for MY birthday next month!

  68. congrats!!! that's good news!

    in other news - i feel like you're picking on me! just sayin'

    my kid says the word 'poned' all of the time. it's stupid.
    it's made up.
    i hope he grows out of it in high school.

  69. My bf's bday is the 22nd too! It's funny to me that those phrases you mentioned are all pretty annoying. But some bloggers make them even more annoying than others. Just sayin' haha

  70. Anon - thinking of my parents having sweaty sex is gross.

  71. Heres something I bet you dont know, but will love to: The Viking word for cake is "kaka", so you just ate a bunch of kaka! I thought you may get a kick out of that. Congrats on your run! Keep it up!

  72. suar - you are one of the coolest people i've never met, all your posts make me laugh!

    Did you feel any pain during the run? does it still feel "weird" to run? I'm trying to get to grips with my recent SFX diagnosis and wondering how I'll know it's better (since doc says MRI will show it even when it's healed!) Aaah.

    Anyway I hope you make it to boston!

  73. Hey, I am way clever - it isn't my fault if the rest of you fail to recognize the truth! I totally hope you win the race, and how long is this marathon, anyway??? :)

  74. Way to go Beth, you must be on cloud 9. Good distance and good speed, 'the Boston' will happen!

  75. Roisin Dubh (Pronounced ro-sheen dove-rhymes with love) aka The Black Rose, is a great Irish pub in Boston! Good atmosphere, good Irish beer and a great place to hang out and get hammered whilst singing great Irish music! :)

  76. Congrats on the running!! Worse phrase = It is what it is. So moronic.

  77. Love reading your posts. Have a question, hoping you can help. I'm new to running, or plodding along, as I call it. I've entered a 10km in 7 weeks and my biggest fear is that I'm going to be last to cross the line and everyone will be impatient and waiting for me to finish so they can pack up and go home. Any suggestions as to how I can get over this fear (and the line)?

  78. YAY!! Congrats on the run! that is awesome news! and an awesome shirt!!

  79. I also can't stand "Continue on" (it's continue. Period.) and "At this point in time" (it's "at this point" or "At this time" pick one)