Friday, February 18, 2011

No Snooping

Things are definitely looking up. Even Lucky, the three legged, one eyed, ball-less dog knows it (at least he hasn’t yet lost his tongue). I am not a professional photographer, but clearly I should be.


My week:

Monday: Ran 5.35 miles (run 10 mins, walk 2 mins)
Tuesday: Rest  + 1 hour of PT
Wednesday: Ran 5.5 miles
Thursday: Swam 2100 yards
Friday: Ran 4.1 miles
Saturday: Will bike 90 minutes
Sunday: Will do 90 minutes hot yoga

What is a girl to do when she can finally run again? Get new shoes.


All you minimalist shoe lovers, I see you cringing. I’m not ready to go there yet. These are actually the shoes (Mizuno Wave Inspire 6) I have been in for awhile now, including running very successfully in them pre-injury (BQ). I was told during my gait analysis that they are a good fit for me. Since I have increased my cadence I am working on moving towards a more mid foot strike and I can do that in these babies.

Plus, they have a lime green color in them and that reminds me of margaritas and vodka tonics and that makes me happy. And, the shoes were reduced from $100 to $53 (Running Warehouse), so I have an extra $46 to spend on margaritas in Costa Rica next week.

Can you freaking believe I am running? I am still pinching myself. Four months from yesterday I was diagnosed with my hip stress fracture and could barely walk. This week I ran 14.95 miles and I’m going to round that up to 15 miles because I deserve to round things up after the hellish past four months.

I am here to tell you that if you are injured, it will get better, but you have to be very diligent about your recovery. Strength train. Stretch. Do any and all cross training that is safe for your injury. Eat well. Sleep a lot. Cry when you need to, but don’t stay there long. Persevere. Know it is temporary. Have goals and meet them.

I sent my Boston or Bust training plan to my exercise physiologist and doctor to review. I wanted to make sure of two things:

  1. This plan was conservative enough to not hurt me
  2. This plan would prepare me adequately so when I run in Boston I won’t be comatose on a stretcher with my hip in a plastic bag at aid station #6.

Basically, I max out at 24 miles/week with my longest run being 13 miles. And, then there is shit load of cross training. Feedback from the exercise physiologist was informative:

“I think this plan looks very good, I would encourage you to continue with walk breaks throughout your runs, especially your long runs. I think a 9 minute run, 1 minute walk or 14 minute run 1 minute walk would serve you best for your training and the Boston Marathon itself. I think 13 miles is adequate for a long run for you as well.

I’d encourage you to lengthen some of your non-running workouts in order to do some workouts in the 3-4 hour range.  The purpose of these longer workouts is to prepare your body to exercise for that duration. I think you’d be better served to add duration to your cross training than to add more running.

If it doesn’t bother you, you could also add in a longer walk or hike. The Japanese and Korean style marathon training programs typically include a lot of long walks to build up time on the feet with a low impact activity. I think some 45-90+ minute walks or relatively flat hikes could be a good addition so long as they don’t bother you. I would have you do any long walks on Mondays in place of or in addition to water running/swimming.”

I was especially interested in the Japanese/Korean style of marathon training. This was new information for me.

And, as if it couldn’t get any better, tonight is my birthday party, so if you could be there I’d appreciate it. Ken sent out an Evite saying, “Leave the kids at home and come celebrate all things Beth!” Guess that means we celebrate running and bodily functions and social work and Athleta and mothering and drinking coffee/wine and blogging and hot baths and Dean. But not hot baths with Dean, unfortunately.


Don’t get all carried away. Today is not my birthday. It’s Tuesday, 2/22. You can save your birthday wishes for then when I remind you again.

One final perk of the day. Got this email today from a reader. It was simple and to the point:

“I sneezed so hard I pooped a little. Would that be considered a snoop?”

Hoping I don’t snoop at my party,


PS: Don’t forget my Butt Shield Giveaway!


  1. Did you know your b-day is on National Drink Margarita Day. Congrats on all accounts!

  2. Interesting and encouraging info from the exercise physiologist! Btw.. just started reading Dean's 50/50 book (i know, where have I been) and I'm hooked 3 chapters in. Now, I understand your obsession!

    That margarita looks goooood... enjoy your night tonight!

  3. "I am here to tell you that if you are injured, it will get better"

    I like reading this on YOUR blog. and not in the comment section.

    Good for you Beth. Very happy for you.

  4. Round up to twenty miles! It's all about you.........

  5. I guess if a sneeze causes a fart it's a SNART?

  6. Happ--- Oh wait, I'll save it. Glad to hear your running again! Yay you.

  7. I've been lurking here a while and never commented. Gotta say that I love your positive outlook on injuries. I am training for my first half marathon and the very subject of injury (while it hasn't happened, knock on wood) has been in the back of my mind and scares me to death.
    Ymmm margaritas!
    And love "snoop" about as much as I love the term "shart." Awesome.

  8. That is such awesome news that I would celebrate tonight with a margarita as well...if I didn't have to teach Jiujitsu tonight. I will save mine for your actual birthday.

  9. Love the shoes! My favorite color is "the more obnoxious the green the better" so bright lime green rocks. :)
    So glad things are approving!

    Oh and I have to say that the butt shield is the funniest giveaway ever. Love it!

  10. I'm so happy fo ryou that you are back at it!! yay for running after being injurged!!

  11. Oh Happy Shoe day! I was just told by my sports chiro last night that my pain in my hamstring was partly to do with the kinvaras I was running in because of my over pronation blah blah blah. Anyway, I thought all along that the other shoes I had that are working well for me were Mizuno Wave Riders but they are the Inspires. I'm so excited you posted this link....I hope they still have the sale! These shoes are working for me and I will do whatever it takes to stay injury free. I want to try the Brooks Launch but I'm afraid they will be too little of what I need. So posted just the perfect thing.

    I already e-mailed you but again, congrats on your great week! So happy for you Beth! And, I hope you have a fantastic Birthday Party tonight. Hopefully you'll clean the poop out of your undies before you go...were you wearing undies when you sneezed?

  12. I'm so excited that you are back running and that the doctor has given you the thumbs up on your plan!!!!

  13. SO awesome with the running! I am curious about the Japanese/Korean training!

  14. Back at it, LADY! Congrats!

    If you decide to swim for 3-4 hours, please take pictures. You will be sooooo shriveled.

    Sorry, But you would.

  15. I love when I learn something new! I'll be looking into thatJapanese and Korean style marathon training programs.

    Beyond happy that you are running again. You are such a great example of how to get through an injury and stay sane. (okay at least maintain a blog and appear sane. ;-)

  16. Yay for back to running! Very interesting feedback on your plan. I have been contemplating a 3 hour walk/run (mostly walk) combo every week until my half marathon just so I am used to being out there for 3 hours at a time. I feel a bit validated and a teeny bit smart now. Now if only the weather would cooperate.

  17. Those shoes might just be the perfect shade of green to match that bikini.

    Did you know that you are now running more than ME? Lol. Keep up your amazing work! I really agree with the idea of increasing the duration of your cross-training workouts and easier-on-the-hip activities requiring you to be on your feet for 3+ hours. Smart physio :)

    I'll bet your party is a blast! Enjoy!

  18. You could probably even invent a snooping dog toy and call it Snoop Doggie Dog. Not to be confused with Snoop Dogg Dogg.

  19. Happy birthday PARTY.

    I am STOKED that you are running. I'm certainly not as stoked as you, but yeah, it's awesome to watch your recovery.

    My bedroom smells like farts today. Have you been visiting me in my sleep?

  20. LOL By all means dont Snoop at your party! Have fun and congratulations on your recovery! Thats truly inspirational!

  21. 15 miles:) Don't pinch yourself too hard!!

    I know this stage. The stage when you finally feel like you have a fighting chance, you finally know that although the summit is a ways up there, you are PHYSICALLY now climbing toward it!!!!! (not a virtual pool climb but a real foot climb up a virtual mountain that is not in a pool which is not virtual.....)

    I am SO happy for you Beth! I would love to buy you a Margarita or a Vodka tonic right now. Maybe I will just sit here and have one in YOUR honor (because I'm all alone and my kids are in school and I have no husband....)

    Really, I'm so proud of you. I'm proud of your attitude through all this, your diligence to rehabbing yourself and your determination to make it to Boston and run that race in the best possible condition that your body will allow. One tough chica!!

    Hope you just have a fantastic birthday party! You've got quite a hubby there-lucky lady! No pole dancing or dancing on the table now. It's dangerous. Twirling in the computer chair=allowed:)

  22. We are shoe twins!! :)

    great job on all your exercise this week!!! baby steps will soon be BIG steps!

  23. Rose - you only have yourself to blame.
    Jenn - omg you so get it girl. You have been there and fought your way back and been an inspiration!

  24. >buying you virtual margarita<

    Much to celebrate this year! Enjoy!

  25. i love that you are running!! YES! Makes me happy. And now I kinda want to go for long hike. Japanese marathon program? I must see this!

  26. I have run in those, they're fun!

    So happy for you that you are running! I really, really am!!!

  27. Hmmmmmm. The whole Japanese/Korean thing has intrigued me as well. Have a blast tonight at your birthday party! WOOOO HOOOOOOO! After I pick up my son from the mall tonight I am enjoying a Vodka Tonic myself. ;-) Enjoy yours on this friday night.

  28. Congrats on the miles!! that is so awesome that you are back to running again! You are an inspiration! My 6yr old son was sitting next to me as I was reading your post...He said "mmmm that drink looks so good, but I can't drink it because it is alcohol"!!! Have a great time @ your party!

  29. I can hear the joy between the lines. Very happy for you. Jealous, but happy!

  30. SUCH good news to see you running again! Definitely worth of new shoes. (I'm not going to minimalist either.)

    Have a great time at your party!!!

  31. Awesome that you're getting to run again.

  32. Congrats on the awesome progress! The long cross-training sessions are definitely a good call. I never believed that my fitness would be built up (or even maintained) by these kinds of workout until I actually did them. Also, 3-4 hours on the elliptical or pool running is significantly harder mentally than a long run, making that part of the marathon feel easy (well, easier anyway!)

  33. YAY!!!!!!!!

    And Tara and I want to take you out, still! Let's get a date down, even if it's after Costa Rica!

  34. CONGRATS BETH!! 15 miles...running, on the ground, without your swimsuit! SO AWESOME! Running on the Costa Rican sand--even better!

    hahahaha--If a fart with poo is a SHART, then it only makes sense that a sneeze with poo-poo is a SNOOP!

    I such a huge fan of Athleta (bank account, not so much)--I wasn't familiar with the brand until visiting your blog.

  35. Smart move on the shoes....gotta go what you are comfortable with. This is no time to be experimenting. Like I know what I'm talking about. Gotta love the price too.

  36. Congrats!! What a great testimony and encouragement to those in the 'injured' boat. Have a great party! You have lots to celebrate!

  37. so nice to hear you so excited again!!

  38. I am having to cut way back on running (meaning, totally cut back) for a few weeks because of a stress fracture. It's small, but I'm SO frustrated because I have barely been back into running for the past 10 months. I am trying to be patient, so reading this totally helped out.