Monday, July 4, 2011

Acts of Kindness or Something Like That

Happy birthday USA! Isn’t it great to be independent?

What are YOU doing today? We’re having a par-tay over here and I am making a deliberate attempt to not swim, bike, run or exert myself at all. We always have a big get together on July 4th that involves margaritas and fireworks and fried chicken and Left, Right Center.  This party makes me feel like I have friends. Usually no one loses an eye, except the dog.

I say it all the time: as athletes we can self-involved. Training plans, paces, early mornings, maximizing our sleep and carb/protein intake. We forget sometimes to be the best friend, daughter, mother, spouse, sister that we can be. We forget it’s not all about us (or I do).

One small gesture can change or make someone’s day (from HERE). Of course I had to add some commentary.

  1. Say "Good morning" to a person standing next to you in the elevator. Unless they’re creepy or have gas. Then don’t even get in the elevator.
  2. Help a mother carry her baby stroller up the subway stairs, or hold a door open for her. Especially if she’s a MILF.
  3. Pay the toll for the driver behind you. Next time, try to get behind him and hope he remembers.
  4. Take a minute to direct someone who is lost, even though you're rushing. Don’t forget to say, “Seriously? You don’t know where that is?” really sarcastically.
  5. Write a letter to a child who could use some extra attention. Kids love getting mail. This might be construed as kind of stalkerish, if you are the 75 year old man writing to a six year old girl down the street. Use your best judgment.
  6. Offer to pick up groceries for an elderly neighbor, especially in extreme weather. Make sure they cook you dinner with those groceries.
  7. Out of the blue, send flowers to a friend. But only if is having a sale.
  8. Say "please" and "thank you"—and really mean it. Especially if you want something.
  9. Don't interrupt when someone is explaining herself. Unless you have a way to “one-up” them. Then it’s allowed.
  10. Let a fellow driver merge into your lane. And give him/her the finger for good measure.
  11. Offer to baby-sit for a single mom. If she’s a MILF.
  12. Put your shopping cart back in its place. WTF? Those guys are paid to get the carts. I’m not paid to return them.
  13. Call or write to a teacher who changed your life. Definitely call at like 4 a.m. after a few beers.
  14. Bring a box of doughnuts to share at the office. For me that means bringing a dozen donuts into my home office and eating them all myself.
  15. Simply say "I'm sorry" when you're wrong. Is it okay to do this under your breath so the other person doesn’t hear? What about my pride?
  16. Throw away your trash—and someone else's—after a movie, picnic or visit to a park. Unless it contains needles or condoms.
  17. Ask someone "How are you really doing?"—and then really listen to her response. Then turn the conversation to you and your training.
  18. Offer change when the person in front of you at the register comes up short. Make sure the change you give them is in a different currency.
  19. Before a friend moves away, give her your favorite recipe or quote and a photo of the two of you together. If it’s a picture, make sure it is your good side and oh well if it’s not hers.
  20. Pass along a great book you've just finished reading. Knitting Dog Hair is a good one.

I’m kidding. I really am a nice person when I remember to be.

What act of kindness did you do today? It’s still early, but I cleaned up my dog’s puke. I’m sure there will be more selfless acts to come.



  1. I took 12 kids and one husband to a water park. That counts right?? :)

  2. Love your commentary on #16. Unfortunately I wish I had that advice a day earlier!

  3. I changed my kids crappy diaper. He's really thankful, because I totally did not have to do that. Lucky for him I just read your post and it put me in a giving mood.

  4. I left the last bowl of Kix for The Husband and had some rather stale whole grain cheerios instead...true love I tell ya!

  5. this made me chuckle. I supposed you can count that as a good deed ;)

    I have yet to speak to an acutal human being face to face today - I did the dishes before my roommate got home though. I'm sure she appreciates ;)

  6. Is Lucky not feeling well? Huge piles of poop and now puke too?

    My act of kindness was going out and training for 3 hours so that I was out of Karen's hair and not bother her.

    My 2nd act of kindness will actually be taking a shower after about 48 hours of not cleaning myself. Training gets in the way of cleanliness and we need to make sacrifices.

  7. I've been nice to a co-worker that is constantly complaining.

    And I'm making a friend banana bread.

  8. So funny, but honest :) After watching Hoarders the husband and got freaked out and started cleaning like crazy people. So now I have clothes to donate...there's my act of kindness. Oh, and more trash for the collectors. They love that kind of thing.

  9. I ran my first 5 mile race today. I made sure to thank all of the volunteers/law enforcement/cheerers along the way and wish them a happy fourth. Especially the cute cops in uniform!

  10. I ran a half-marathon today. I was carrying a small American flag and gave it to a little girl between miles 11 and 12. I also made sure to thank the volunteers.

  11. my father in law had us play left center right this weekend at our par-tay.....I lost :( I was almost postive no one would ever play that game! Ha

  12. #17!

    Good thing you didn't come ride today, I almost died. Freaking hot. And I was fried. A margarita and fried chicken sounds like heaven!!! I'm on my way over!

  13. This list and the commentary are priceless :)

    Today's acts of kindness included: not coming unglued as my husband proceeded to inform me as to my shortcomings both as a mother and housecleaner AND not killing a dog that ran out in front of my bike (a squirrel-sized dog) or yelling at the negligent owner who yelled at ME. I'm sure there will be more ;-)

  14. Jill: get your butt up here! Sorry about the ride. I sat in the air conditioning. It was brutal out there, but good for you!

  15. This made me laugh, so thanks - that was very kind of you :)

  16. Love your commentary ... I have the most trouble with no.17 (the original version that is - I do well with your commentary! LOL).

  17. After brushing my Golden Retriever, I took the crapload of dog fur that came off her and used it as stuffing to make a pillow. Still deciding who the lucky person is that I'll give it to.

  18. I had a client call me this morning and start bitching at me over nothing. He actually said that he would have waited until tomorrow but he wanted to mess with me on the holiday.

    So the fact that I'm not on a plane right now on the way to kick his teeth in is pretty selfless.

  19. What a bunch of great things to laugh about.I like your version the best!!

  20. haha...awesome new take on that, and if i may say so much improved. :)

  21. The party sounds fantastic! Hope you enjoyed the much deserved break from training, and happy belated 4th of July!

  22. I took my dog for a 4 mile run - is that kind? to her? or cruel?

    She usually spends her days crated while I'm at work, so I'm going with kind.

    Oh and I helped my mommy and Aunties prepare a photo collage for my grandmas memorial service.