Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Purple Orgasm

There was a party here last night that included some good old fashioned gambling around the pool table (don’t be jealous of my wood siding):


My dad was stressing out because he just bet all his retirement money:


In the end, Emma’s best friend won all the cashola. I hope she takes me out for sushi. I like unagi and spider rolls.


There were a few Jell-O shots for the mature people in the crowd.


This level of imbibing and debauchery made for a terrible night’s rest, but I dragged my ass out of bed at 5:30 a.m. anyway. The house was not a total wreck, although there can never be a party without a sticky floor the next morning.

My plan this morning was to run for an hour (6.5 miles) before meeting up with my son’s middle school cross country team for a three mile run. I like to run before I meet people to run. It’s how I am.  Only a few kids showed up (slackers), and of course one of them was my kid because he knew he would be grounded and spanked if he didn’t. 

That made for 10 miles of running for me this morning. At mile five I saw two peacocks cross the road which really freaked me out because I did not know Colorado had peacocks. Maybe I was hallucinating due to the Jell-O shots. Tomorrow I might see giraffes.

I came home and chugged a huge glass of chocolate milk which has become my favorite recovery food/drink. It is like crack to me. I will actually fantasize about chocolate milk while I am working out. The cute milk delivery person brings it to my house on Monday mornings and I love him for it.

I am doing double workouts today. Tonight I have my first ever open water swim at Union Reservoir:

Actually, I am lying. I have swam in the open water before when I took trips to the beach with my family when I was twelve. Yes, I have procrastinated on getting into the open water, but I can no longer deny that my race is fastly approaching and if I have any hope of not drowning, I need to get out there and get out there fast. The other thing I need to do is find a damn wetsuit. I am hoping someone will leave theirs at the reservoir and I can adopt it as my own. Actually, maybe I will just make my own wetsuit out of an old tent and some yarn.

Not long ago the reservoir was closed because of poop in the water. Ick. I’m going to do my best to avoid oblong brown things.

What kind of wetsuit do you use? Do you buy or rent? Do you pee in it?

Do you ever do two-a-day workouts? If so, do you shower between? I just started doing two-a-days with this HIM training. I sometimes shower, depending on how bad I stink.

Do you eat sushi? What are your favorites? I love sushi and Boulder has some awesome spots. Sushi Hapa is my favorite. It is the one food that never upsets my stomach and never disappoints. I go for the eel (unagi), the spicy tuna, the California rolls and the fancy ones like the purple orgasm and the sticky erection.



  1. No way, first???? Sweeeeeeet!!

    Loving the XC thing, of course :).

    I don't own a wetsuit, thankfully. That'd require me to swim in e-coli ridden Colorado lakes.

    Used to love two-a-days, now I'm thankful for one-a-days :).

    Sushi? Bleh.

    I do need a more adventerous life!!

    Happy Tuesday!

  2. Fun questions!

    What kind of wetsuit do you use?
    I have an Xterra Vortex full sleeve, just bought it this year. I pee freely in it.

    Do you ever do two-a-day workouts?
    If so, do you shower between?
    Yes, normally run in morning and then swim or bike in the evening. Occasionally I will work a swim in on lunch hour but most of them time I have to wait until evening for Workout No. 2. Since I have an office job and like most of my coworkers, I do shower. If I am doing a brick workout, no shower.

    Do you eat sushi? Yes! What are your favorites? We don't have a lot of hot spots here in Central Illinois but there are a couple of places with decent sushi. I am a timid person who is afraid to try anything too far out there, but do enjoy those with eel, tuna, salmon. Also like the California rolls. Like I said, I am not very adventurous.

  3. Sushi is AWESOME. I could be completely vegetarian if not for sushi.

    Faves? Sushi Village and Sachi Sushi here in Whistler. I go for Ahi Poke, Beautiful Roll (scallop centre, avocado and salmon draped around outside) and Spicy BBQ Salmon Roll. Plus a little spinach gomae on the side.

    I don't do two-a-days, unless you count trips to the throne! And no, I don't shower in between but I will whip out the baby wipes.

  4. I am sorry if you have heard this a million times, but I just started reading your blog and I am wondering if you are gluten intolerant? The bathroom humor is funny, but I have family members who had persistent stomach / intestinal issues for years before being diagnosed with Celiac disease. Again, I am sure you have heard it before, but thought I would ask just in case. If you ever get tested for it, do your research on the best method of testing, since some of the more common tests frequently yield false negative results.

    Best of luck to you on your run! You are quickly becoming the first blog I check in the morning.

  5. I've done two a days (which I'm going to start back up in a couple weeks). I only showered inbetween if I smelled too bad after using baby wipes.

  6. Sorry to push this, but read this article: http://www.webmd.com/digestive-disorders/celiac-disease/celiac-disease-symptoms

    I feel like a big weirdo pushing you on this, but my family members noticed a dramatic change in their lives once they were diagnosed (very late in life) as being gluten intolerant. The dangers of missing a diagnosis range from a host of autoimmune disorder and even early onset dementia. The antibody test is pretty inexpensive.

    Okay, done harassing you about this (which is none of my business).

  7. We have the same taste in sushi…it pretty much all works for me except uni and the raw giant clam that moves in your mouth. I am so impressed with you and your open water swimming and the rest of your HIM training. The only time I open water swam was when my dad threw me into the Pacific when I was … 12! Sounds like you all had an amazing party! I love parties :)

  8. Looks like a wonderful place for a swim. Enjoy!

  9. Do I own a wetsuit? No, that would be scary to people who weren't blind.
    This question did get me to thinking. When you are out there swimming with all those people in the open water, you'll be peeing, they will be peeing. Everyone is peeing, with their faces in the water. Keep your mouth closed LOL!

    Do I shower in between 2 a days? NO!! I doubt I will even change clothes today. ;)

    Do I eat sushi? Heck ya! Love it. Living in OK it is not very prominent though. There was an awesome all you can eat sushi place in CA that me and my mom love. I'm sure those little asian people were disturbed by how much sushi we can put away. I have never heard of the purple orgasm or the sticky erection when it comes to sushi, but I'd probably try it!

  10. I am actually eating sushi for lunch as I am reading your blog. We have a local place (outside Philly) that has all you can eat for $25 so we go every Friday night. My daughter has been eating sushi since she was 18 months old :-) <My favs are spider roll, spicy crunchy tuna roll, and salmon and tuna nigiri. YUM. I could eat it 3 times a day, 7 days a week.

  11. I have F2R full sleeve wetsuits and I love them...but I've not compared them to anything else. Next time I'm going to try a sleeveless, though.

    Wetsuit peeing is mandatory, functional, freeing and addicting. After a summer in open water, controlling your urge to pee in the lap pool is hard at best and embarrassing at worst.

  12. I love eel rolls. I have never had my own wet suit but my dad was a bad ass bare foot water skier back in the day I would use his... for skiing of course. I slollum like a champ (anybody know how to spell slollum?).

  13. I am getting Sushi for dinner tonight. I will think of you when I am enjoying it!

    I love the tempura roles. There is a place here that makes the best sushi. I get the Tempura and a SMS roll. It is a california roll with a spicy seafood crab over the top. It is amazing!

    I hope my son runs XC. He is only 5, but runs a mile in 13 minutes! That is for sure something I will want to do with him! Very cool.

  14. Hey Anon - thanks for the tip. I have been tested for celiac and do not have it. I've had all kinds of upper/lower GI work done as well as the dreaded colonoscopy with no real outcome. I can tell which foods sit well with me and which don't. I have a hard time digesting rich, fatty stuff, so I try to keep away from that. Coffee can also be a problem, but I still drink it.

  15. Nice setting for an open-water swim. Looks like it might be a little chilly.

    I'm with you on the chocolate milk. A couple years back I never would have pictured milk of any sort being an after-workout drink. Visions of Ron Burgundy drinking milk in the heat. But I find myself sitting on my deck in 90 degree heat and 8,000% humidity downing a big glass of chocolate milk after my long runs with sweat coming down like a waterfall. Can't get enough of the stuff.

  16. Wetsuit: Roxy Syncro. Very stretchy but not sure if it's for straight swimming. I can paddle on a board while avoiding stingrays/sharks in it so you should be able to swim while dodging poo.

    I'm kinda with "Anonymous" with the gluten concern. I figured you'd already looked into it because it's such an obvious consideration. So, have you?

  17. Nevermind, just read your post...

  18. I have an xterra vortex sleeveless. Last time I tried to pee in it, the water was so cold it paralyzed my bladder.

    Usually don't shower between two a days because I do them pretty close to each other. My hubs is lucky if I shower after my two a days! I'm so wiped out on those days the shower feels like a third workout.

    I recently went vegetarian and thought I wouldnt get to eat sushi anymore. Little did u know they make veg sushi rolls...and they taste just as good. Score!!!!!

  19. I do double workouts often, I take the spin class at the Y on my lunch hour and if I remember my towel, I will shower afterward. Otherwise, it's just a sink bath..... lol Then I run at night when I get home while the kids are eating dinner.

    Sushi--I like the noodle bowls with the soba noodles and any cooked fish. I just can't choke down the raw stuff...

  20. I have a Synergy full sleeve. I like it, but it I have heard others say if you aren't too strong of a swimmer a sleeveless is better.

    If I do 2 a day w/o's it is before and after work, so showering is needed.

    Sushi- I prefer the beginner stuff (CA rolls, nothing w/ a big chunk of raw fish on top)

  21. Good on you for making your AM workout after the party!!!

    Good luck with your OWS and homemade wetsuit. :)

    I do two-a-days often and unfortunately I generally have to shower b/c I'm going to work in between. However I will often go to bed without showering if I know I have a workout the next morning. I'm sure my husband loves sleeping next to my sweaty, smelly, sticky felt.

  22. I love sushi! Now I want to go buy some haha. That picture looks gorgeous though. Hope you have an awesome OW swim!

  23. Looks like you had a great 4th of July! Good luck with your open water swim, hopefully you’ll love it. I much prefer open water to the drudgery of laps in a pool. I swim in an zoot wet suit and love it. I bought a cheap one last year for my first year of doing tris and it really sucked. I got my zoot at bicycle village for 50% off =) I do two a days a lot and have to shower in-between because I usually have to work in-between. In fact I am doing two workouts today, I did a swim workout this morning and will do a speed/track workout tonight. Good luck with your swim, can't wait to hear about it!

  24. I use a Orca wetsuit full sleeve, and I own it. I OWS at least once a week so it make sense to own.

    I do two a days usually twice a week - morning/evening. Yes I usually shower, but not always after the first of 2.

    Sushi - Yellow Tail and any roll that is super spicy.

  25. I haven't done a two a day in a while! When I run shorter distance over the winter I do a core muscle workout or yoga workout right after I get back from the run. Last summer when I was tri training, I only did brick workouts for two-a-days, so I did not shower in between.

    As for wetsuits, I've never used one, but that doesn't mean I haven't peed in one...(teach you to run me over in the swim...grumble grumble...)

  26. I occasionally do two a day. I only train four -five times a week so two or three of the days I do bodyrock workout and I run four or five times a week. Occasionally I throw in an afternoon on the elliptical.

    I love sushi, unfortunately there is not good sushi in Billings MT

  27. I have never worn a wetsuit but my sister has and she advises peeing - keeps you warm.

    I only rarely do two-workout days, and then only on weekends, so hell no I don't shower in between. Sometimes not even after.

  28. @Beth: if you get this comment please email me - I want to get in touch with you: beth@shutupandrun.net

  29. Love two a days!!! Thanks for being you!

  30. Christ, Beth, you're going to get comments longer than your post with all those questions!

    Sushi: notsomuch. Could be mostly lack of opportunity.

    Wetsuit: I bought my Xterra Vortex this past winter. They are always having ~50% off sales. I've only been swimming once in it, but I loved it. And you bet your leaky ass I pissed in it!

    Doubles: Yeppers. Especially since I'm in the same boat as you right now (x2). My plan just hit the build phase this week, so I should have double workouts pretty much every day except my off day (assuming you count bricks as doubles). And it depends on the shower. Usually yes, because I have to split it around work. Sometimes 3 frickin showers a day!

    PS - can you do me a solid (not poop) and update my blog link? I've moved to http://splashbikerun.blogspot.com. Good luck dodging that poo!

  31. My goal for July (well, what's left of July) is two-a-days. It's usually my summer routine, so I can go back to school, stop working out and gain back the 15 pounds I lost over summer. It's a cruel game I play with myself. But, yeah, I do shower in between. It's a rule since the one time I got stuck beside the guy in reeking-with-old-sweat gym clothes during spin class. Breathing was a problem that day.

    Love California Rolls. Can't stomach much of the rest.

  32. I had sushi on Friday night (Sushi Den in Denver; rare treat; AMAZING) and am so with you on it never upsetting my tummy or coming out in a bad way on a run the next day. Maybe I should eat it every Friday night?

    If you have time, I saw your comment about having visited the doc about your GI woes. I was going to do this, but...in your opinion should I? Is it a waste of money? I hate the mid-run emergencies, but I also don't have a lot of spare cash to spend on specialists docs who may not be able to help.

  33. Ooh, good luck on the open water swim! Good call on getting in the open water to practice a bit before the big dance. I def didn't do that, and struggled an embarrassingly large amount. Chocolate milk has become my obsession post-workout too! Musta been the conference :)

  34. What is it with sticky floors and parties anyway?? It's almost like you wanna give everyone a half wet towelette when they walk through the door :). Not that you would but it sounds good.

    I sometimes do 2 a days, runs that is, mostly the 3 mile type. It's if I'm feeling ambitious which seems like almost never. Kidding...a little.

  35. Hi Beth,

    I LOVE sushi, though not so crazy about the bloating after imbibing in the delicious soy sauce.

    Yes, I own a wetsuit: sleeveless. And yes, of course I pee in it, who doesn't???

    Swimming in a wetsuit is awesome: you will feel so buoyant, like having floaties all over your body. Only problem: you have to get used to the CHOCKING feeling you get from the high collar (necessary to keep it hydrodynamic).

    Yes, I do two-a-day workouts at least three times a week during season, not counting weekends when I train 3-4 hours per day (all at once). You'll get used to them, though I find that they do require quite a bit more sleep (naps rule!).
    Enjoy the open water: it looks beautiful where you are.

  36. I own two wetsuits. One sleeveless and one full sleeve. Of course I pee in them and sometimes I put them out back and just pee on them so they don't feel like I have ignored them.

    As for buying or renting it all depends on whether or not you are doing more than one, which we decided you are as you are joining me in Puerto Rico in march. Have you registered yet?

    I own Xterra. There are always great deals on them and they work for me. Could I get a better suit? Yes, but why waste the money when this is perfectly fine and there are others to be had.

    As for two a days, I am up to 3 a days sometimes. This past weekend I did not shower for 48 hours and that included 5 workouts.....does that answer your question?

    Tomorrow I swim for 1 hour, run for 1 hour then work then 2 hour ride.....no showering will be included in that.

  37. Love Sushi, especially a caterpillar roll.

    Question: So is chocolate milk suppose to be a better recovery drink than plain milk or do you just like the taste better?

  38. SUSHI!!! Do you ever eat at Sushi Den in Boulder? DELICIOUS!

  39. i have a xterra long sleeve vortex. i pee in it all the time. i think i pee more while in it .

    i rarely shower in general - i mean it just seems to waste time, wake up work out, handle kids, house, why shower ??? i finally shower at 10pm, why ??? i am not sure b/c i am waking to work out. i have been doing ocean swims and that just makes my hair disgusting....but i find ponytail in hat makes it all go away. i do not like sushi

  40. Blech - hope the swim doesn't leave you with any diseases!

    I usually shower between two-a-days, but it totally depends on the activity. Yoga, for instance? Eh, usually no (unless it's hot - in which case, omg yes).

    Are you 'coaching' the XC team, or just running with them?

  41. @Heather: I've been to Sushi Den in Denver, but is there one in Boulder now???

  42. @Dietician Heather: I am pseudo coaching. It is pretty laid back and some of the kids are incoming sixth grade, so they've never done this before. I am just there to run with the kids, make sure they don't get lost or faint and give them pointers along the way. There is a main coach, though, and that is not me.

  43. Running Wild:I don't think there's anything magical about chocoloate milk vs. white milk since you are basically drinking it for protein. I hate white milk and the chocolate feels like a treat after a long run/bike.

  44. Nicccceeeee! I like any colored orgasm. My hubby's half black, so a mocha one perhaps... wait, what?

    I'm mixed on the showering thing--sometimes I'm too sticky and offensive not to shower, but most days I don't care :)

    Love following your tri training Beth. Hard core.

  45. I think brown floating things aren't too bad compared to other things that are found in triathlon swimming venues. I recently heard about a dead body being pulled from a lake a week or so before a triathlon was held there.

  46. Mmm jello shots.

    I am wanting to incorporate some 2 a day runs into my schedule. But mine would be before work and then after so I would shower between and after.
    I love me some spicy tuna rolls and california rolls

  47. Wetsuit is 19, just like half of all competitors. Fit is important. If it takes less than 10 minutes to put on the first time it's too small. Body glide is your friend, ankles, wrists, and especially neck.

    Often do 2 workouts a day. Unless I have to go to the office, I don't shower. Usually workouts are back to back.


  48. I eat lots-o-sushi. I just found a new place in my hood where they give you a free saki if you order a large beer. I say hell to the yes on that one.

    You are a stud for getting up and running at 5:30 after those adult beverages.

  49. Um... if you don't pee in your wetsuit, you're not a real swimmer.

    A good friend and I were discussing this very topic over pastries at a fancy-fancy restaurant a couple of Valentine's Days ago... The canoodling couple at the table next to us asked to be re-seated farther away because they were grossed out by overhearing our conversation.

    Clearly they were not swimmers or triathletes!

  50. I love me some sushi - there's a roll at Ninja (my favorite place) in which you choose the fish, rolled with avocado, asparagus, bean sprouts, and roe. I love having the option!

  51. I have two wetsuits and i've peed in both. I shower between workouts. I have to. Or I would OFFEND everyone around me. so I actually take 2 showers a day every day that i do two a-day workouts. Sushi is my crack. I could eat it every day if 1. i wasn't afraid of getting mercury poisoning and 2. i was super rich. There are a ton of sushi places in sacramento area. Only one is GREAT. The rest are ok.

  52. I own the Xterra Vortex sleeveless and yes I have pee'd in it.

    2 a days are almost a staple, I shower during the week, on the weekend, it depends on the rest of the days activities

    Not a fan of sushi when i am sober

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