Sunday, July 24, 2011

Better Than Nutella

I’m so tired my legs might fall off.

Ken and I started early and did a 50 mile round trip ride up to Vail Pass and back to Breckenridge. Over 3,000 feet of climbing. The Trek Lexa did not let me down and my lady parts are still intact.


We got home, stuffed our faces and headed to Hoosier Pass south of Breckenridge for a hike with the kids and my parents. It was not scenic at all.


We crossed a little snow field as we got above tree line:




The kids had a terrible time.




I had to leave my SUAR mark at the Continental Divide. I hope mountain goats like to read about farts and such. I love how my mom is in the background with a classic “WTF?” expression.


Can you find it?





Tomorrow we head home. Boo. Vacations, cool temps and time with family is better than Nutella. Well, almost



  1. Looks and sounds like a great vacation which, by my definition should include a little bit of everything!

    Sleeping in - or getting up early, because you WANT to
    Beautiful location - oh wait - you live in a beautiful location . . . which means you are on vacation ALL the time!
    Back to Reality . . . ;-)

  2. Farting in public, defacing signs, when will your truancy end? I'm hoping never!

  3. I'm thinking bring the Nutella on the family vacation, you know, just in case.

  4. Hey, you have my bike!

    I love my Lexa, too ;-)

  5. Better than Nutella? Heresy!! And certainly not better than a peanut butter, banana, nutella sandwich on whole wheat bread.

    No wonder you're such a fast runner, working out where there is hardly any air to breath. Highest I've ever ridden my bike is 2206 m. In archaic units, that's 7239 feet. I did not leave any evidence of my passing.

  6. Nutella is pretty darn good! Family vacations really are the best though. Glad you are having a great time

  7. Sounds awesome! Love the pics! Altho, not on vacation we did go for a wonderful and fun family hike yesterday too. My kids were real troopers and enjoyed playing at the lake.

  8. OH it looks horrible there! Being active with your kiddos, outside, pine trees, mountains, fresh air... :)

    SUAR should reach every continent!

  9. that is almost better than nutella. That view!!

    but still, nutella and ice cream are up there.

  10. That sounds like a day when the kids would say "oh do we have to go climb a mountain?" Then it turns out to be the best time ever for everyone.

    I just got my SUAR shirt. I ordered a Large, unfortunately it is a little big and I actually need a smaller size. But that did not matter, I had to wear it on a 10 mile training run this morning. So... I am going to wash it real well - shouldn't have any major sweat stains on it and offer it to the first person who e-mails me at No charge - I just want to offer it to someone who will appreciate it.

  11. My kids have never seen snow. They would flip out and insist on making snowballs were they to come upon such a snowfield.

    I am sad you have to go home…. I am digging the scenery and the awesome workouts, too :)

  12. Amazing.

    I live in a country that I cant see so much mountains. I hope you do okay and push the ... to the limit! Go hard :)

    In the next post, please upload more pictures of mountains..

  13. Don't you hate it that EVERYWHERE we go we have such crappy views ;-) If you get a chance, the Frisco to Vail and back is a monster but makes a great day trip!!

  14. When I saw this title I was so afraid you were going to make fun of the lady who recently died eating Nutella...I should have more faith in you than that!

    Looks like a good time was had by all

  15. i was wondering how I could get one of those cool SUAR stickers!?

  16. Julie: someone died eating Nutella???

  17. Ah, looks so nice and COOL! Love the SUAR sticker, way to leave your mark. Guess it's better then peeing on the sign?

  18. Way to go on the bike ride!

    Woohoo for the is seriously so beautiful up there!!

  19. I've been there!! How fun!!

    By the way, I love how active you and your family are TOGETHER! I hope when I have a family we can be the same way.

  20. I love that you did a 50 mile bike ride AND a hike with the fam! I agree Nutella is second to family, but it's a CLOSE second!

  21. Cruel parents. Making those poor kids trek in such unbelievably beautiful scenery. It's tantamount to child cruelty.

  22. How dare you make your kids suffer through that. They were obviously so under-joyed with it all ;)

  23. i'm in vail right now! woohoo! my husband & i went running today...crazy elevation!

  24. Someone should bulldoze that ugly dump.

  25. this is just gorgeous...better than nutellla, hmmm maybe

  26. I'm impressed with your ride...I feel like my legs are going to fall off we just hiked with a 1,000 elevation gain!

    It was really beautiful up in Summit County! We frolicked around the Continental Divide this afternoon, but it was over at Loveland Pass.

  27. It's so beautiful there!! Love the bike! Glad (and amazed) your lady parts are still intact. Mine feel as if they're about to fall off after only a few miles. :c

  28. I saw a SUAR sticker on a SUV on the North Carolina Outer Banks this past weekend. Unfortunately the car was parked with no driver in sight. Otherwise I would have given him/her the fist bump and asked about the latest post (as we were camping and computerless). So it does indeed seem your message is spreading far and wide...