Sunday, July 31, 2011

Get a Room

Early this morning we headed out for the last brick of our 70.3 training this morning.

The plan was to ride from our house and do one loop of the 70.3 course (about 33 miles) then come home and run for an hour (6-7 miles).

I also wanted to experiment with race day clothes. I wore my swim bottoms under my bike shorts. Since Ironman doesn’t allow nudity (no fun), I won’t be taking them off. For the bike run transition, I will do a quick change to a running skirt because I hate running in my shorts. For a sprint, it’s fine, but for a half marathon, I want to be comfortable and am willing to sacrifice 20 seconds in transition.


Heading out on the bike. Someone please remind me to stop doing that weird head tilt in every picture

If you really give a crap and looked closely at my photo, you will see aero bars.  Price tag is still on in case I decide I don’t like them. I’m weird that way. I return everything including used sheets. Ewww.


Yes, I drank the aero bar Kool-aid. They are just clip-ons and nothing fancy because I don’t have $3,000 laying around to buy an tri bike right now. $100 sounded better. A few adjustments to seat position and height and voila!

All I can say is: where have you been all my life? I was worried about adjusting to these things and normally I wouldn’t make a change so close to race day.  But I thought I’d try them to see if I could get into more of a groove on the bike and just be more comfortable, overall.

Settling into my bars was effortless and made riding so much more natural for me. We kicked out the 33 miles in 1:51 which meant a 18 mph average. This is faster than I’d normally do the loop, so I was thrilled about that. I fueled with my Honey Stingers/peanut butter sandwich, gels and Cytomax. I felt energized the entire time. 

I had a run-in with bike etiquette along the way – kind of confused me, so tell me what you think.

We were cruising down Highway 36 at a nice clip. A man and woman passed me single file, looking strong. I stayed with them at a comfortable pace. I was tempted to pass again after a couple of miles, but didn’t. I was with them for maybe ten minutes when we got to a hill. I noticed that the guy moved over beside the woman to take up the whole shoulder, which was very wide. I didn’t get why he was doing this since he was a stronger cyclist than she was and they had been single file until this point.  It made it impossible for me to pass or to even try.  The woman was breathing hard, struggling a bit. I was not.  I wanted to pass just to keep my pace even and to not lose momentum. But, the dude wouldn’t make room.

When we got to the top, he looked over at her and laughed and that’s when I realized it might have been a deliberate attempt to keep me from passing her on the hill. Dick. Maybe I’m wrong, but it seemed pretty purposeful. I mean, who cares? If you’re going slower, let someone pass you.  So, I blew by them as I expelled all kinds of gas and never saw them again.

What’s your take? Glad I got that off my chest. Okay, I’m over it.

I call this elevation chart “mountain town with two nips pointing down.”


We got home and headed out for the run.


It was only 8:30 a.m., but temps were heating up nicely. We did an out and back for a total of 6.7 miles in 59 minutes, 8:53 min/mile average. Total workout time: 2:50. Total miles: 39.7.

I got so hot the last mile and ran out of water. We both got a bit terrified realizing we would be running later than this next week, with no shade and twice the distance. It will be a hot, slow grind to the finish and will probably cuss and cry but I will do it.

Looking quite ugly afterwards if I do say so myself.


Now headed out to get some donuts and coffee. Think I earned it! Filled long john is calling my name. TWSS.

Ever had a run in with questionable bike race etiquette? This is my first one.

Do you use aero bars? I love mine so much people on the road were screaming, “Get a room!”

What’s your donut and donut shop of choice? I like Daylight Donuts – a franchise, but family run and inexpensive. I usually get the cinnamon roll with a circumference of 12” or the filled long john.

Do you return a lot of crap to the store? I’m the queen of this. I will tell you a story one day about returning a coffee pot, still wet.



  1. That's an awesome brick, lady! I've had my aero bars for about a year now, and I absolutely adore them (I often wonder how I got along without them). Think not of it as a club! They make more sense for your sport, and that's that. Though before you know it, you'll go bonkers like I did and get the aero helmet. Oooooohhhhyesh.

    As far as the etiquette-in-question: I cannot tell if they blocked you or were being malicious. I probably would've said something ("On your left" or "Passing") if I seriously wanted to get past them. You're much nicer than I am if they were blocking you.

  2. There is an epic doughnut shop in oregon called Voodoo Doughnuts and they are amazing.

    They have chocolate glazed creme filled cock and balls.

    Yep... doughnuts shaped like male genitalia. It is epic.

  3. That was definitely bad bike etiquette! Next time give them the "On your left" or, as you go by tell them you're going to be practicing peeing while you bike and sorry about any spray.

  4. Weird. First off, the block the shoulder move is such a weak and petty one I wouldn't even bother doing it to my biggest enemy. Also, he did homegirl a disservice as well, she really needed the benefit of his draft and pacing more than not having you pass.

  5. No you are right, he was being an asshole.

    Nice brick.

  6. Patrick - great point, I didn't even think of that. He could have totally pulled her up that hill instead of watching her and holding me back. Now I'm even more mad.

  7. Are you in Colorado Springs? Daylight Donuts are the best! Im heading up to Colorado in a few days for some high altitude training. Oh, and to visit family...

  8. Wym - I'm in Longmont, we've got one up here too.

  9. What brand are the aerobars? I want to get some for my bike and yours look to be in my price range :)

    Awesome job on the brick and I would have totally told the guy to move! Etiquette is key in cycling to not get injured :)

  10. My guess is he thought you were sitting in on their pull and got the bennies of that. So when it came time to climb, he wasn't gonna let you pass for not having shared the lead. Road rules can get tricky!

    And speaking of--now that you have aerobars, any time you are not leading in a group, don't use them. Another etiquette issue, this one based on safety.

    That said--screw him for being so uptight!

  11. Cynthia - I actually had to go look. They are Profile Design (T2+). I'm sure there are better ones out there, but these were the only clip ons they had. They were $119, but the store was having a 20% off sale so ended up being $98 or something. AT this link they are $109 w/free shipping.

  12. Misszippy - good point. Had not thought of that since I was only with them for less than ten minutes. Also good point about not using the bars when following, didn't know that.

  13. Lookin' strong Beth! Nice brick. Wish I had a bike.

  14. Hm, I have no idea about bike ettiqute really. It baffles me. The only thing i can think of is was he helping her? giving her pep talks? Were you in a group? Or were they randoms? So weird. I would have passed in the lane, if no cars were behind me. You have a right to be in the lane, not just the shoulder, unless it's a crazy highway in which case you aren't supposed to be on there at all? See, so much to wonder about.

    I have aero bars, love them but my upper back, between my shoulder blades gets pretty sore by the end of 70.3.

    Hopefully they will have great race support and give you ice towels along the run. I always dipped my HAT, not visor for this reason alone, in the ice water and put it on, with ice in it. keep your head cool and you will decrease your chances of heat exhaust/stroke. GOOD LUCK!!!!

  15. That's so ridiculous about the shoulder hogger, at least you got to draft off her and kick their asses at the top, woot!!

    I used to be the queen of returns, now I just don't buy anything. I hope to reclaim my old title soon!! Ha.

    Very excited about your upcoming race!!!

  16. Wow, great brick workout!

    I want some aero bars, but I have a low(er)-level road bike so I think it's best to wait until I get either A. a nicer road bike or B. a farther distance than a sprint tri.

    Definitely rough bike etiquette - not nice at all! I would have definitely said something when I passed em, you did better than I would have!

    And I also am the queen of returns, I do a bunch every week. LOL Though I can't say I've ever returned a wet coffee pot!

  17. Good for you for getting the aero bars! I just can't bring myself to put them on my low end road bike... :) Hopefully an upgrade coming in the near future.

    You know I had a couple guys do something similar this weekend too. Passed me then slowed down. Thought of you too on that same ride when a runner crossed the street in front of me ( a ruralish area) and then disappeared..when I road by I saw her and was worried that she was not was only after I asked if she was ok (I didn't actually stop) that I realized she was probably using the ahhh shall we say facilities. :)

  18. I tend to buy things only if I am really, really sure I am going to want to keep them, so I don't do much returning.

    Fave donut…old-fashioned w/ chocolate glaze…wish they came in 'gluten-free' :( and shop… Happy Donuts, of course :)

    If you were a dick like that guy you could have started passing and then either eased them off the road or reached over and given her a pinch or a push. But that would be really mean and very poor etiquette.

  19. Thanks for trying out the aerobars for us. That guy was being a dick - I would have stewed on that a lot longer, good job letting go! ;o) Oh, and make mine a Maple frosted long john.

  20. That does seem like a deliberate action, not letting you pass. Maybe she was feeling down on herself and he wanted to let her feel like she was stronger than she thought. A strong biker passing effortlessly up a hard hill that's practically killing you might make a person feel like stopping to walk. I could identify with that.
    Some days, people that pass me are a challenge to push myself harder. Then there are others, where seeing someone so much faster than me make me wonder why I even bother. She could have been having one of those days.
    I still agree, it's purely selfish to hog the road, just sayin.

  21. Happened to me today. A group of 3 dudes passed me doing a good 3-5 mph faster than me, then slowed down and rode 3 abreast in front of me! One in the car lane, one on the stripe, and one in the bike lane. I tailed them for a mile or so while they chatted, then blew by them in the car lane. Geez!

    And yes, I return stuff all the time. My daughter's swimsuit is waiting to be returned to Costco right now. Sure, she wore it a dozen times, but it really shouldn't be falling apart, and I shouldn't have had to buy another to get her through the summer!

    Finally, I am (also) a donut freak. I travel, and seek out donuts wherever I go. So far, the best thing I've ever seen was a BIRTHDAY CAKE donut in a little shop in Helena, MT. No, not a cake shaped like a donut, but a donut as big as a cake! With a layer of frosting in the middle! And clowns on top! I SO wanted that for my birthday, but couldn't figure out how to get it home to Phoenix!

  22. Yep, that bloke certainly sounded like he was a jerk. Hard on you to lose momentum when you're riding well and for what benefit for him?! I'm really glad you gas-bombed him as you passed.

  23. First off....dick move.

    Secondly, if he knew his partner couldn't hang he should have been pulling her up the climb by creating a draft for her instead of riding next to her. Not to mention he did nothing for himself either since he did not crank up the climb.

    Third....dick move.

    Fourth --- much nicer person than I. I would have yelled on the left and told her to drop back behind him so that I could pass and as I passed would have told them about bike etiquette. No place for that stuff on a bike.

    Fifth - congrats on the aero bars and they are awesome. Just retaped mine with a nice white tape that I hope lasts for a few months before it turns black from changing tires, oil from chain, etc.

  24. Impressed as always. Yeah, this guy should have moved over. And Long Johns...yum. But I have never heard anyone here call them that...I wonder if that is a Colorado thing? The first time I called them Long Johns, my husband looked at my funny. I'm heading back to Colorado in a couple of weeks so maybe I'll treat myself to a Long John and a Red Rocks concert just for kicks! :)

  25. Dick move - maybe if it was a race it would be a differnt story, but out for a training run and you were not even part of their group... really a dick move. Should have just let you pass.

  26. Glad to see how those aeros look on your Lexa. I've been debating whether I should get them or not, now I'm leaning toward YES.

    Awesome workout! Sorry about the dick and dickette, though.

    Some people!

  27. EIGHTEEN miles per hour? This is why I can never do an IM. I'd get blown away on the bike. (translation: nice work!)

    Hearing about you riding that long made me hungry

  28. Great job! I know nothing about bike etiquette but know too much about donuts! Daylight is my fav as well...blueberry cake or original glazed.

  29. Returning things? I forgot that happened in the world. Here it just isn't done. Even if the item is defective. Some tough old ladies can maybe sometimes get away with it once or twice in a lifetime, but otherwise it just isn't possible. We don't buy unless we've inspected very carefully, have contingency plan if it breaks and only if we really need it.

  30. Miss Zippy is totally right. Road rules are tricky, and I am married to a scary road cyclist. I am afraid to ride with him :) He'll drop my @$$!

    I LOVE cider mill donuts. Sadly, they are only available in the fall, and I am afraid they may be limited to MI. I am going back to get some in Oct. Parmenters and 3 Cedars are my favs.

    I have aero bars on my road bike. I really like them. I love my tri bike even more, though :)

    I return all sorts of things. Anything that is remotely defective gets returned, to the point where my kids think they can just break things (their fault), and just return them for a new one. I LOVE REI for that reason. Just returned a watch that was over a year old, and Costco takes nearly everything back too.

  31. It's kind of crazy that you bought and blogged about those aero bars. I was just researching those last night. I am glad you like them, were they easy to install? By the way, awesome brick, good luck next week!

  32. TWSS appears. Well done. YOu are so ready for this Beth!

    That rude man annoys me--I can only imagine he was rude b/c he couldnt have been that oblivious.

    Enjoy your creamy l-john. Well deserved!

  33. I do return things, but only plants. You see, Lowe's has this spectacular thing called '1 Year Guarantee' on plants, and... well, let's just say my thumb is not cheery green. So, I buy these lovely creatures and water them and over water them and fertilize them and forget I have them and then when they turn brown and/or don't come up the next year, I return them and buy more!
    Quite the thinker I am. :)

    Oh, and my grandmother actually got a WRITTEN LETTER from QVC stating that if she makes more than 3 returns in the next few months she is BANNED from ordering there. Yes, that is how much she has returned things.

    I hope I don't eventually 'inherit' that trait...

    Have a good week!

  34. Never occured to me to change?? I'll just run in my tri shorts that have no padding at all. I'm used to riding in them now. :) You're so gonna rock this Beth!!!!! You are more than ready

  35. You look like you completed a great workout.
    The guy on the bike was a jerk. I'm with you. Pass him and Gas him.

    No donuts for me. They upset my stomach. But I like Dunkin since I can get the eggwhite sammy.

  36. I don't use aerobars but I do wonder if I should. I'm not a triathlete but I get so uncomfortable biking for a few hours. My shoulders/back get so tight.

    Why is it you shouldn't use them when cycling in a group?! maybe the answer is obvious...

    I don't pass people a lot since I'm so slow. But a couple weeks ago I passed a guy on a mountain bike and he must have thought no way am I letting a girl pass me...? So he sped up and passed me and I thought,hey way to go, because I was going 17mph and he was on a crappy bike! But then he slowed down after about half a mile, and i was just pissed off.

    i like dunkin donuts, boston creme for me.

    I return things now and then, but I've tried to be better about only buying things I love so I don't have to deal with that..

  37. I'm also in training for my first HIM in September. Put on the Aero bars last week and love that they give me the option to rest different muscle groups.

    I return things that break or don't work for me all the time. my husband thinks I am the only one in the world who does this. Schooled!

    Riding two abreast on an uphill unless you're passing is just rude.

  38. You have allot of comments, so I'll let you read them all and make mine instead.

    DONUTS = YUMMY GOODNESS. I will say I only eat one if I really have earned it though.
    As far as the road story goes, WTF ? Your story makes sense, but the guy doesn't. Was he mad at his friend? Hey heres a hill your struggling, let me get beside you and see what kind of pain your in ? WTF ?
    How about ,here get on my wheel and stay steady.
    As far as you go, next time no matter who it is, just check over your left shoulder for clear traffic and call up on the left. If they don't move or acknowledge you coming through, they are just douches.
    Last, great hill climb lady !! And then a near 7 mile run. BOOYAH

  39. I used to return CLOTHES a lot. But I don't have time for clothes shopping anymore!

    Awesome job on your workout! Clearly that dumba$$ was just jealous of how hot you were with your aerobars. His issue. Good think they can't get away with that in races.

  40. I don't believe her, but my grandma used to tell us that she didn't buy a toaster for 10 years because every time hers would break, she would return it to Target and get a new one.

  41. thanks for the aero bar info-something I was JUST looking for!

    as for the rude guy-hate that! But awesome brick. I'm training for my first 1/2 IM next summer and I love reading about other people's training-go get 'em!!

  42. It is quite possible he was just being a jerk but the rules of the road can be tricky and sometimes it depends on who is defining them. I would have gone around them sooner than the hill but I would have done so with an intent to share the pull. There is nothing worse than a wheel sucker, you probably had more energy to pass them because you got some rest in their draft. Two things can happen here. I have had riders actually ask me if it is ok that they draft for awhile. That tells me they admittedly need a rest. The other scenario is to ride the the front, thanking the other riders for the pull and state that you want to help out, then you can go back to the draft after awhile having shared some of the work. At a minimum, if you are the stronger rider, always thank other riders for a pull if you intend to speed up but be prepared for the challenge that doing so may imply.