Tuesday, July 19, 2011

You Ask, I Answer


You’ve seen this question/answer business circling around the blog world. Since Kovas never tagged me (but neither did Chris K. so they are more alike than they let on), I had to rely on XLMIC for this Q & A honor.

There probably is very little you either want to know about me or don’t know about me, but should you have some tidbit of information that you crave, ask away! Just please don’t ask how I got my voluptuous bosom.

I’m not specifically tagging anyone. I’m late to the game on this one and think everyone has done it already. But, if you want to participate, consider yourself tagged by me!



  1. I'm doing this today too. My question is...You do realize that I've made a complete ass out of myself with the skin stretching right? I mean, all for the sake of winning your freak contest?! ha! I met a group of ladies last night that I had never met before and the first thing one of them said was not "great to meet you" or "love your blog" but "I can't believe you can do that to your stomach ( your gross freak!...okay she didn't say that part).
    What were you like as a little Beth? You know 8 or 9 year old Beth in school and at home? Good girl? I think you've mentioned this before on your blog.

    How many years were you in gymnastics?
    Hardest parent moment?

  2. Obviously, You didn't force me to perform my freak show though. :) I brought it all on myself. oh, and I meant to write "you're a" and not your. stupid typos.

  3. Here is my question: I know your work is in the social services industry. What I want to know is, do you ever wonder if one of your clients or someone with influence on your employment will see your blog and it will affect your work in a negative way? Obviously I'm asking because it's something I worry about...but you have a MUCH larger following so I would think it's riskier for you, if at all.

    Also...how do you decide which blogs to follow? Do you ever go looking for new blogs to read? Again, with such a large following you can't possibly return the favor for all your readers, so what's the method to your madness?

  4. Here's a different spin: say there is one question that nobody has asked yet and you wish they would and you havent shared it on your blog yet...what would it be?

    Clear as mud, I know!

    Run Happy!

  5. Craziest/weirdest place you ever had sex?

    Where did you lose yours?

    Which apparatus was your fave?

    Which were the least good on?

    What were your high school colors?

    What was your high school's mascot?

  6. What is your opinion on nail art?

  7. How did you mentally survive your injury? I literally got a hip stress fracture days after you. Took 10 weeks off, then got back in. ran a 1/2 and next day got IT band issues that sidelined me for 8 weeks. Two days after I got the go ahead, I crashed cycling and broke my wrist...had surgery last week and am going crazy. Need advice and encouragement!! I struggle with slowing down and not giving up..not sure what lesson

  8. Since we both grew up in Columbia (right?), what high school did you go to? Do you ever go back to Maryland?

    When you started writing your blog did you think it would become what it's become? Did you think you'd make as many connections as you have?

    PS Don't feel bad for Amanda, she's been performing that trick for years. I wouldn't be surprised if she sets up some sort of "stand" on the corner in her neighborhood and charges people $2 to see her stretchy skin. (PPS I would totally pay the $2 to see it.)

  9. - What do you think you possess that sets you apart from other athletes/... why do you think or what do you do that allows for such fitness success?

    - Examples of daily diet? food/cals/supplements/ etc.

    - How much protein do you try to take in each day

    - Do you do any weight training or Ab exercises?

    - Does it irritate you at all And/Or do you have the urge to push your children into a more physical activities?

  10. How great is it to call Colorado home? My hubby has dreams about moving back there and I feel bad because we can not.


  11. I also grew up in Columbia. I went to Oakland Mills... could we have been classmates? (Same age).

    Do you prefer running alone or with a buddy (besides your most favorite Dean moment)? Listen to music when you run? Absolute favorite power song?

  12. Favorite color?
    Favorite day of the week and why?
    Favorite food?
    Favorite part about running - physical fitness, mental clarity, etc?

  13. Are you unsatisfied with any part of your life? If so, what?

    What is your favorite "mom" moment?

    How many hours a night do you sleep?

    Have you ever been to Oklahoma?

  14. What is your super, secret, goofy running goal you have been afraid to share?

  15. Thanks for doing this post! I'll be anxious to see your answers!
    1. Do you follow a specific training plan? Can you share?
    2. How did the VO2 max testing affect your current plan (if at all)?
    3. Best training advice besides SUAR?
    4. Nutrition "day in the life" post while you are training?
    Jamie in Arkansas

  16. I was late to the game on this too! It's been fun asking questions and seeing everyone's answers.

    My question for you is: what have you liked most and least about 70.3 training? Do you think you'll do another one, or is it too soon to say?

  17. We all know you are going to have a great day at your half ironman. Will you then do the full meal deal? I promise if you do ironman Canada I'd come cheer you on.

  18. I'm sure everyone would want to know what kind of friend you are...the absolute best...I know first hand!!

  19. I missed that part about the voluptuous bosom! so now I want to know... what size bra is that one? you know the one I'm talking about.

  20. Where's the weirdest place you've ever taken a dump?

  21. If I keep tagging you, everyone on the playground will start thinking I like you.

    Ever ridden the Alpine Slide in Breckenridge?

    Best place to eat in your neighborhood?

    What product are you dying for me to review?

  22. No way in hell I can top these current questions!

  23. How on earth did you become so infatuated with poop/farting?

  24. 1. What is the air speed velocity of a unladen swallow.

    2. How did you get your kids involved in running when they were younger?

  25. Hmm.. ok, I know this is probably going to be creepy, but you were in my dream last night.... as a guest professor at my college. And you found out I read your blog and you were like.. AH!
    That's it. It was weird.

    And I must say THANK you for those vacation tips you gave me a while back. I will print them out and store them in my vacation folder as to remind myself not to be a lazy-margarita-whore when I get out to somewhere beach-y.

    Umm... questions?! Two, please. :)

    1. How do you get yourself out the door on a day where the LAST thing you want to do is get out and run/bike/swim/etc?

    2. What is your definition of an 'athlete'?

  26. What athletes do you look up to and aspire to be like? Do you weight train at all? During your practice swims what different types of swimming do you do? ps. u Rock.

  27. Mine is two part (and I'm asking it of everyone who is doing the Q&A).

    When you run, are you a greeter, ie, do you wave at an approaching runner or do you look away?

    If you are a greeter, does it bug you when the other person looks the other way and doesn't acknowledge you?

  28. all right I'll play. I like this one, hosting it over on my blog as well lots of fun.
    so I did not read the 28 comments, sorry if some are repeats.

    How long were you engaged?
    you would you like to meet?
    what poster did you have on your wall when you were in high school?