Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Winner & “A Day in the Life”

The winner of the Active Band $50 giveaway is #79 Allison from (Mis)Adventures of the Johnson Jocks. Wonder if they know Harry Beaver. Congrats! Shoot me an email at beth@shutupandrun.net and I’ll let you know how to claim your prize!


Everyone once in awhile I will do these “day in the life” posts. Not because I think my life is that interesting; really it’s not. I do it because I want other people to do it. PLEASE! I know you all through this crazy blogging world, but I really don’t know the ins and outs of your days.

In and out. In and out. TWSS.

The blog only tells so much. It is an overview. Everyone once in awhile, we need to share the minutia. The mundane. The stupid. Lord knows I have a lot of that going on.

The cool thing about my life and why I love it so much is that no two days are in any way the same. I work from home, so the unraveling of my day is based on kids’ schedules, my workload, my training plan and letting the dog out back to shit.

A Day in the Life

5:30 a.m. Get the damn coffee going before I lose my momentum:


5:40 a.m. Take out the recycle (which tells a lot about someone) while coffee brews:


5:45 a.m. Take some drugs (meth and crack not pictured):


5:50 a.m. Feed this lump of precious stinky fur. He is looking at you with that one eye. Yes, that is my bike in the dining room. It is the only safe place for a bike. Climate controlled. Free of robbers. My mom HATES that I do that. Moms think dining rooms are for fine china, not Treks.


6:00 a.m. Head to the pool with Scooby Do towel for some early morning laps:


6:15 a.m. Grab a lane, preferably one without band aids, hairballs or feces:


7:10 a.m. Put on running stuff and head out from the pool:


7:30 a.m. Arrive at middle school to coach some cross country:


7:40 a.m. Run three miles with these girls (my victims)


8:15 a.m. Head home and notice my car looks like I am homeless. But I bet yours does too.


8:20 a.m. Also notice how I carry around half eaten food on my seat. Them are some perfect bite marks.


8:21 a.m. My car console has to be one of an athlete in training (cereal, Z bars, GPS, sunscreen and Altoids so I can impress the pussy posse).


9:15 a.m. Wake up this kid because he is getting braces off today. Drive him to dentist.


9:40 a.m. But first stop at Starbucks for hit #2 of caffeine for the day


9:45 a.m. You can tell I handed the camera over to Sam. Some unknown person’s butt. Is it yours?P1100360

9:46 a.m. Enter Starbucks. Try to take pictures of baristas but they inform me this is “strictly prohibited.” Whatever. I tell them I’m just having fun and FINE I will only post pictures of myself.


9:50 a.m. Grande coffee with extra extra cream and I’m ready to roll. I don’t get Sam anything because he always wants the $6 frap and I’m not that nice. I even have a coffee bag with a free coupon on it. I am frugal (cheap) that way.


10:00 a.m. Greeted by this dear friend, Kathy, at the dentist. She makes me look bad with her perfect hair and stunning outfit. Very, very bad.


10:15 a.m. Sam in all of his braces-removal-glory. I wish I had a multi colored shirt like that. Where do the dentists get those?


11:00 a.m. Check out those pearly whites:


11:05 a.m. The orthodontist office gives him a gift bag with all the “bad” candy in it. I love them for it.


High noon. Make myself a quick lunch (grilled ham/cheese with tomato and Dijon because I am fancy like that)


12:30 p.m. Trip to the grocery store. Yes, I look very serious when I shop. And yes I do need a hair cut and color.


12:50 p.m. Emma thinks she is two years old again. No dammit, I do not have a penny for that dirty thing.


1:30 p.m. Family stop off at Coldstone. I go for the “Like It”:


1:45 p.m. I make kids use their gift cards because I am cheap and no way am I spending $4 for a glorified scoop of ice cream with a couple mix ins.


1:50 p.m. I love summer. I love my kids. But only when I’m holding ice cream.


2:00 p.m. until late into the deep dark night. Me and my computer make love. Reports to be written. Training plans to be thought out. Blog posts to be read. Emails to answer. Twats to be made.


That’s all I got.

Do you work from home or have flexibility in your days? I am a contractor for several social service agencies around here. I meet with families in their homes and write all my reports from my home office.

Does your car look like you’re homeless? What’s the weirdest thing you keep in your car? I have an airplane blanket I stole from Jet Blue. I’ve gotten lots of mileage out of that thing.

Do you like ice cream with chunks in it or just smooth? I’m a big chunk person. I LOVE Oreos and cookie dough in mine.

How do you take your coffee? Frou frou drinks or just plain ol’ Joe? I’m a plain coffee gal myself.

Post your “day in the life.” I dare you.



  1. Holy crap, I won! Getting ready to e-mail you.

    No Harry Beavers in this house. Just a bunch of Long Duck Dongs.

  2. If I do one of these "Day in the life" posts, it will be a bunch of pictures of me pretending to work in my cubicle while people walk by. Also, I think they can confiscate my camera if I bring it to work because I might accidentally take a picture of trade secrets.

    Maybe I can do a weekend day. Or just have like three or four blacked out pictures that have been redacted. Hmmm...

  3. I missed the part where you actually do work?? ;) Or are you a professional twat-maker/porn-watcher?

  4. I teach GRAMMAR at our local community college during fall/spring. Yes, GRAMMAR. Wow. I literally teach 18-year olds how to write a complete sentence. It's, um, well, anywho... Next question.

    Re: car/homeless. I have 3 boys ages 7 and under. I think you know the answer to that. Weirdest thing ranges from dirty socks to legos to training underwear to old Happy Meal fries. Yesterday I found a Tootsie Pop stuck to my 2-year old's car seat

    LOVE chunks in my ice cream. TONS of chunks.

    I like a little coffee with my cream. I always order a tall with a pump of hazelnut, a pump of caramel syrup and cream.

  5. I use a Dora the Explorer towel at the pool because the kids won't be seen dead with her anymore :D

    I work from home and I LOVE LOVE LOVE the flexibility!

    My car looks like I'm homeless and raising a homeless 6 y/o and homeless 8 y/o...

    Chunks, Baby! The chunkier the better. Big chunks of Heath bar...YUM!

    Plain old Joe. I'm just in it for the caffeine anyways.

  6. YES I love love love day in the life posts. I will do another one soon!

    Yes my car looks like I am homeless half the time and I must have chunks in my ice cream!

  7. I went black with my coffee years ago and never went back.

    I work from home... for now at least.

    Sam, you're straight pimpin with those pearly whites!

  8. I love day in the life posts! I think I will do one soon!

  9. Tell Sam to go eat a banana - weirdest feeling ever when the braces are off. I had those metal suckers for 6 years...

    I (sorta) did a day in the life post today - mostly just a list of foods eaten.

    I love how you're all "I'm not buying you overpriced coffee." and "Get your own ice cream!" ;)

  10. I do live out of my car, too. I was actually thinking of doing this type of post in the next few weeks. I guess great minds think alike.

  11. I use my car like 4 times a year, so it is neat neat neat. My wife's on the other hand... Nice looking croque monsieur by the way. (TWSS)

  12. Sam: nice new smile! the ladies will love that! Love the hair color also, same as mty son Will...also a big hit with the girls.. Good for you, for your mom not so much.

    My car looks like a whole family of homeless people live in it. Not pretty, I am embarrassed when I have to give someone a ride.

    Work: I used to be an engineer...now looking for something from home, not easy...
    we will see how that goes.

    coffee: I drink Café au lait...always...what? I am French Canadian that is my excuse

  13. Kovas: those are NOT croque Monsieur...
    Croque Monsieur is open sandwich.
    that's all.

  14. Do you work from home or have flexibility in your days? I work for the local school system, so I only have freedom from June until August. For the other nine months, I answer to The Man.

    Does your car look like you’re homeless? I look like I sleep in my trunk. I have a blanket and pillow, a chair, lots of reading material from professional developments last year. Anyone need a beaten up copy of Love & Logic? I have tons.

    Do you like ice cream with chunks in it or just smooth? I like chocolate. And only chocolate.

    How do you take your coffee? I don't drink coffee. I drink Coke. Straight up at 6 am. Disgusting, I know.

    I need a much better camera before my Day in the Life post. I'll be happy to get right on that!

  15. Mmmm, chunky ice cream! Now I'm craving some.
    My car looks like I have 8 kids. 'Nuff said.

    I did a "day in the life" back in May, I think it scared people. I think it scared me. :) http://randomthoughtsfromthezoo.blogspot.com/2011/05/day-in-life.html

  16. I love these things!! There should be a Day in the Life website where people post their days with a search engine that looks up tags and locations and stuff. Damn it I wish I were a programmer.

    I love chunks and I love my coffee black (insert the rest). But lately I've gotten into grande iced coffee with cream, sweetner, and easy ice. It is heaven in a cup.

  17. I think Sam should have the camera more often..maybe a day from Sam's POV? ;)

    What's the summer cross country thing going on? Lucky gals, to have a fun coach to run with!

  18. I have a stolen Air Tahiti Nui blanket in my car too!

  19. Oh how I wish I worked from home. I envy you.

    My car used to look homeless but I bought a new one a few months ago and am doing pretty good at keeping it clean.

    I like my coffee really strong with cream. I've made buddies with the barista at the coffee shop in my building and he hooks me up with an extra shot in my Americano...that means 3 shots of espresso every morning, that's just how I roll.

  20. I love this look into your life, but I did not see any references to farting. Did you go silent this day?

  21. Haha, I love it!

    I save up my used Starbucks backs to use as coupons too--nothing like a discount. I like my coffee plain and simple.

    I'm tied to the office and don't have much flexibility.

    Usually my car is a pit, but I just cleaned it out a few weeks ago and so far it is still pretty clean.

    I like more toppings than ice cream...

    Post your “day in the life.” I dare you.

  22. I prefer my ice cream to not make any stops on the way to the cone. Like, for instance, smooshing it around on the counter so unidentified objects can be thoroughly mixed in before I eat it. Nope.

    I throw major tantrums if there is not enough 1/2&1/2 in the fridge for my coffee in the a.m. I'll occasionally splurge on an americano. No fancy schmancy for me.

    My car looks like I am a homeless and canine.

  23. This comment has been removed by the author.

  24. The flexibility of working from home is the best - I love it when I can find paying clients! My car is such a mess...definitely looks like a whole homeless family is living in it. Chunky ice cream and plain jane coffee for me.

    Love these Day in the Life posts - I may have to try one!

  25. Had to edit...dammit.

    Sam looks fabu without the braces. He has a badass dentist that doles out candy. I'm a 4-yr braces survivor, myself. FOUR years, people. FOUR!

    I am a college TA. I work from home. Uber flexible but not especially high-paying. And I wish undergrads grasped grammar and APA formatting.

    My car smells like drive after I run and contains a ridiculous amount of evidence that I spend everyday at the beach, have an artistic kid and a chocolate lab.

    Love pralines and cream ice cream. And peppermint stick.

    Prefer Coffee Bean Tea and Leaf to Starbucks…but that’s only once in awhile. I only have 2 cups of joe in the morning from our Cuisinart (Maxwell House, I believe). Anything more and I feel sick. I’m sensitive that way. CBTL has a Winter’s Dream Tea that I would sell my child for.

  26. I love these peeks into the lives of others…i am so nosy-i mean curious :P Yay for braces off!
    I totally work from home ;-) although I spend a ton of time in the car…which totally looks like I am homeless! I have a United Airlines blanket in my car…lol. I also have a lightsaber, a slinky, a collection of date pits that look like dessicated cockroaches, little rainboots… the list goes on and on. But the weirdest thing would probably be the 20-year old computer keyboard and the 10-year old mouse keeping it company. Why the heck they are in here, I do not know. Smooth or chunky…ice cream floats my boat no matter. As for coffee…no one ever wants to see me on coffee. I am like a coked up speedfreak who has just mainlined sugar. A million miles a freakin hour…so scary.

  27. Go Sam! A good day for him, no doubt.

    Working from home really is the best. I would have to be forced at gunpoint to go back to a real office. And yeah, my car is a pit.

    Once I am running again, I will post one of these. right now,don't think anyone wants to hear about my stupid water runs!

  28. Oh that Starbucks.

    Back when I was a youth leader, I had the misfortune of trying to help run a mall photo scavenger hunt where one of the items on the scavenger hunt was "Starbucks Barista". It was interesting actually, about 1/3 of the youth came back with the picture and had no problems, and the other 2/3s (myself included) got yelled at just like you. :)

  29. Sounds like a fun day! You should of been sneaky and got the photo.

  30. How beautiful is Sam's post-braces smile?!! Or is it a "I got candy" smile?

  31. Well well, all this time I wondered about the free coffee on the backs of these bags. Thanks to a day in your life I now know how to redeem them. :0))

  32. loved this post! i did notice the lack of pooping/farting today though...not enough fiber yesterday?! :-D

  33. Do you work from home or have flexibility in your days? I work from home and LOVE it. SO much flexibility.

    Does your car look like you’re homeless? Don't think so, we only have a toilet, pedestal sink, 3 windows, 2 70 cm doors and 2 80 cm doors and about 10 garrafones (water bottle things of 19L or more?)

    Do you like ice cream with chunks in it or just smooth? Can't eat ice cream but if I could, chunks. Definitely!

    How do you take your coffee? Frou frou drinks or just plain ol’ Joe? Black. Once you go black you'll never go back. :) Srsly.

    DOL sounds like fun. I might do it tomorrow.

  34. Yay for Sam getting his braces off! He must be thrilled!!

    Love the "day in the life" posts! I think I'll do one soon!

    *definitely chunks in my icecream...usually cookie dough balls or reeces PB cups! Yum!

    *I always get a soy chai latte at Starbucks...always...it's yummy!

    *With a 4 and 6yr. old, my car ALWAYS looks like we're all homeless!!

  35. Love the day in your life. I'm going to have to do one of those! Your son's smile is great! I'm a stay at home mom, so my day mostly consists of diapers and cleaning. My van is always a pit because I have 5 kids. :) and I love ice cream with chunks in it! I don't drink any coffee though.

  36. First off I win because my pool has the most poo in it! Second my car is way messier than yours! WAYYYYY!!!!!!! Also my bathing suit is now see through and sags so bad it looks like I have boobs that hang to my feet... how sad.

  37. Ok I have that same coffee maker but for some reason all the sudden it stopped letting me set the timer...this makes me grumpy...but because like you "I'm cheap that way" I don't get a new one.

    Coffee black, ice cream lot's of chunks!

    Love the look into your life. :)

  38. Ok I have that same coffee maker but for some reason all the sudden it stopped letting me set the timer...this makes me grumpy...but because like you "I'm cheap that way" I don't get a new one.

    Coffee black, ice cream lot's of chunks!

    Love the look into your life. :)

  39. Luckily I have a flexible work schedule (even if they give me dirty looks when I walk in a 0930) so I can hit the gym in the morning.

    I was wondering about your Fish Oil supplements. They were suggested to me by my trainer. How do they help you?

  40. Hm. I'm a speech therapist and go to people's homes half of the time, but my schedule is anything but flexible (so jealous right now). I have to write all my reports at work, and my daily notes, and see the rest of my caseload there too.

    I like chunky ice cream...does that sound gross? i think it does.

    I like my coffee black. I like mochas too, but those don't really count as coffee do they?

  41. Okay so I'll take that dare ...I think I will post on Thursday!

  42. Amazing post again, Beth, I had a really good laugh. Thanks!
    My car's pretty disgusting too, but I think what tops the car is my wife's purse. We're both teachers, and one night we took our kid to Burger King and engaged in a tug o war over a burger that pookums said she wanted but in the end didn't eat. Mommy said Sara was going to eat it or else no TV at home or something like that, wrapped it up, put it in her purse, and forgot about it.
    Fast forward to class the next day. She usually takes her own chalk around with her, because at her school, even that gets stolen. So at the start of her first class, 8.30am, she opened up her purse to grab the chalk and fished out that fistful of cholesterol and soggy lettuce from the night before- Her students had a field day with that, she tells me, and then the news got to the staff room... lolz

  43. I'm taking points off of your post for misspelling Scooby-Doo!! ;)

    I stay-at-home but my days are oddly NOT flexible. {SIGH}

    My car definitely looks like I'm homeless. Strangest thing? Maybe the vinyl tablecloth that we use for impromptu picnics? Or maybe the roll of toilet paper? Tough call...

    I like my coffee to taste like coffee (two sugars, two creams).

  44. I used to be a work-from-home medical and legal transcriptionist, and I miss it SOOOOO MUCH. The busy days were a bitch, but a couple of days a week I was done by noon, so that totally made up for it.

    I'll definitely be doing a Day in the Life post soon! Thanks for the idea. I'm short on blog topics lately.

  45. I believe ice cream's purpose in life is as a chunk delivery device. On the other hand, I hate sweet coffee. Just a bit of milk/cream is perfect.

  46. Nice post. My day is not that interesting.

    5:30 a.m. - First alarm goes off.
    5:40 a.m. - Second alarm goes off and fight inside my head ensues. Fumbling around trying to make alarm stop.
    5:50 a.m. - Third alarm goes off if I didn't pass the 5:40 a.m. alarm. Fumbling around trying to make alarm stop. Take Birth Control pill, because I don't want kids.
    6:15-6:30 a.m. - Take dogs out after shower depending on what alarm got me out of bed.
    6:30-7 a.m.-Start my day at work in an office and zone out for an hour or two. Post on my blog if I did exercise the night before.
    4-4:30 p.m. - Go home and take out dogs, which involves 10-15 minutes of ball time (actual throwing ball and not male parts).

    After that, it's pretty up in the air.

    My car has looked like I was homeless since January. Shuffling between homes sucks. Divorce sucks ass worse.

    My front license plate is in my trunk, but I usually have one used sock that's nasty and don't ever take it out.

    I like all sorts of ice cream whether it's smooth or crunchy. Sometimes I just want Vanilla and sometimes I want some Rocky Road. Now, I want ice cream dammit. Oh I'm sorry, I didn't mean to curse in the same sentence as the word ice cream.

    I drink one coke a day as my coffee. Sorry.

  47. Ooh well since you dared me, I can't say no. I'm gonna make a day in the life post this week - it sounds fun, even tho my life is just not that entertaining.

    But my dog is cute, and so is my apartment. So, yeah, I'll share.

  48. The only time I get the frou frou drink is when I get my free coupon after buying 15 cheap(er) Sbux drinks.

    Where is your husband?

  49. 1) I keep my road bike in the house too. There is not way I'm leaving it to change outside! 2) I'm jealous the braces are gone...I want mine to go away too. 3) Yes, my car looks like I am homeless, but at least I always have anything and everything I could need or want. Impromptu workout FTW

  50. you are awesome, I do not know how you do it all. Exhausting

  51. My front seat typically has my (gigantic) purse, backpack (with books, computer, etc.), gym bag, empty cups and bottles, wrappers, etc. So, yeah, I probably look like I live in my vehicle.

    Right now, I'm working as a dentist for the summer before my last year of dental school, so I've got a little flexibility, but not a ton. During the school year, I've got basically zero flexibility. It's considered "unprofessional" to miss classes or clinics, so it's a big hassle to do stuff like go to the doctor because you have a couple of infections, or miss school because you have a couple of infections, etc. Hate school, can't wait to be done, but I will NEVER wear a patterned top like the one in your son's pics. I may be a bitch and not let my employees wear them either. :)

  52. LOVE your day in the life post!

    I have huge flexibility with my schedule because I manage a Starbucks, so I make the schedule.

    And even though I work there and can make anything I want, I only ever drink black coffee.

    Looking forward to seeing some more day in the life posts!

  53. So I did a Day in the Life....Linked you on it. I think i did it right. Check it out!